The Fenzi Bank and family were key players in both the economical growth of the Italian industrial revolution and the expansion of the north Italian Railways between Florence and Livorno in 18th and 19th century Italy.

The Family

The old Florentine aristocratic family produced several generations of noteworthy citizens who enhanced and enabled many different aspects of both the Florentine political life and economic market during the 17th, 18th and 19th century. Much although the origins of the Fenzi family can be traced back to the Italian Renaissance, it was not until the mid 17th century that the fortune of the family was to become as substantial [as the name Fenzi during the 18th and 19th century. The main founder of the Fenzi dynasty was Francesco Fenzi, who became financial adviser and creditor to the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo of Tuscany at the end of the 17th century; from that point onwards the family fortunes were to rise in connection with the financing of both private and public initiatives. The Fenzi family were to benefit from all the notable privileges of the nobility such as exemptions of taxes granted by the favors of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

One of the most successful Fenzis was Cavalier Emanuele Fenzi 1784 - 1875 Elder son of Cavalier Jacopo Orazio Fenzi a Magistrate in the Florentine courts, in 1805 Emanuele had already established himself as a successful entrepreneur working for Bosi, Mazzarelli & C. By 1810 his reputation and talent as an entrepreneur were so well recognized in the trade that he decided to set up his own firm la Bandi, Orsi, Fenzi & C. making and selling tobacco. In this same year he acquired a Palazzo in the centre of Florence from where he set up his trade and offices By 1820 the tobacco industry had known such economical growth mainly due to Emanuele’s entrepreneurial initiatives and the high capacity of transactions both in Italy and Europe that by 1821 Emanuele had accumulated enough wealth to establish the Fenzi Bank. By 1829 the Bank had taken residence it what is today known as the Fenzi Palace via San Gallo, one of the finest addresses in Florence. In 1860 Emanuele Fenzi became Senator. He later built the Palazzo Fenzi on Piazza della Signoria (designed by Giuseppi Martelli) now Assicurazioni Generali.

One of the main factors linked to the success of the Fenzi family was the ability with which they managed to expand their ties to not only Italian investors but also the different financial market places in Europe as well as maintaining bonds with European aristocracy. They were central players in the financing of the Suez Canal.

The Fenzies historic Seat was the Villa de Granatier, but their principal residence was their estate at Sant'Andrea in Percussina, San Casciano (altered by Giuseppe Martelli).

The Bank

Established in 1821 by Emanuele Fenzi the bank, also known as the "Cassa di Sconto" is most famous for being the first public Bank in Italy. Based in the heart of Florence in the Fenzi-Murucelli Palace on Via San Gallo. They later built the Palazzo Fenzi Piazza della Signoria designed by Giuseppi Matelli, now Assicurazioni General.At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Fenzi family started to create alliances with potential business partners both local and foreign . By 1820s the Fenzi Bank was backing the Hall family who had acquired the monopoly of the Tuscan straw hat market in England. Whilst maintaining an activity of financing public initiatives and in 1849 they became the main stockholders in the company that built the railway Leopolda. In the next thirty to forty years, the Fenzi Bank spread its network throughout Europe; by 1860, their agents were present in all the most important markets of central and northern Italy and in several cities in England, France, and Germany.They were parties to the financing of the Suez Cannal. Through their network of financial activities and their willingness to invest in common financial operations with both Tuscan and international banks, the Fenzi Bank blazed the trail for the creation of large credit institutions and for a unified financial market in Tuscany in the period before the 1860 annexation to the Kingdom of Italy.

The Railway

It was in 1826 that marquis Leopoldo Carl Ginori first introduced the government to the iron track. The creation and innovation of the northern railways soon became a project that was dear to all members of the Italian government. When in early 1830’s the Italian government was to sort out a financial partner for the project the Fenzi Bank entered the competition. The final decision was reached in 1835. There was to be the creation of a Railway between Florence and the coastal port of Livorno via Pisa and was to be named Leopolda after the then Grand duke. In 1837 count Luigi Serristori and the engineer Piero Dini Castelli proposed a study for the Railway. However the Fenzi project had been accepted as more serious and bitterly planned. An agreement was set up between the government the Fenzi bank, a local contractor company and British engineer Peter Senn & C. of Livorno disciple of George Stephenson and his son Robert Stephenson. The opening date for the Railway line works was set for the 14 April 1838. The line was eventually inaugurated in 1844. After nearly 20 years of planning and creation upset by the unstable political situation of the Risorgimento, the first section of the Leopolda Railway was at last finished.

Il Possesso di Rusciano and Villa Sant'Andrea in Percussina

The villa of Rusciano, which is perched on an eminence higher up the road, was mentioned in a tale of the novelist Sacchetti, and originally belonged to the Salviati family. Brunelleschi built the present villa for Luca Pitti in the middle of the fifteenth century ; and to please Luca, whose ambition lay in a display of his wealth by the size of his dwellings, Brunelleschi's design, if carried out, would have covered even more ground than it now does, though it is one of the largest villas in the neighbourhood of Florence; it has spacious reception rooms, a terrace overlooking the distant country, and is surrounded by lovely gardens, with old cypresses and other fine and rare trees. In 1472 it was purchased by the Florentine Municipality to bestow on Federico II, Duke of Urbino, the Captain General of their forces, in reward for his recovery of Volterra, which had rebelled against Florence. The villa passed after-wards through several hands, until it was purchased by the banker Emanuele Fenzi for his family and then passed to his son Sebastiano it was eventually sold by Sebastiano's grandchildren Leone and Ida Fenzi in 1901. The historic seat of the fenzi family was the Villa Granatieri, where they are buried. However their principal estate and residence was Sant'Andrea in Percussina,San Casciano (altered by Giuseppi Martelli who also built the Palazzo Fenzi) their ownership of this estate underpinned the families nobility, the family also lived at the Casa Fenzi where the guests included the Prince Napoleon.

Family of Emanuele Fenzi

a Jacobo Orazio Fenzi; b 1745, d 25 Nov 1805, Descendent of the Fenzi family who in the 15th Century moved to the Santo Spirito parish in the Oltramo district of Florence, m Luisa Bordini, b 21 Jun 1757, d 22 Mar 1849)issue:

b Cav Emanuele Fenzi; b 8 Apr 1784, d 10 Jan 1875, Senator of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and later of the Kingdom of Italy, Knight of the Sacred Military Order of Saint Stephen, Pope and Martyr, Knight of the Order of Saint Joseph.He lived in these places: Palazzo di Via San Gallo, Villa Fenzi at Sant’Andrea in Percussina, house in the city of Livorno; m Grantieri 4 Nov 1810 Countess Ernesta Paffetta dei Lamberti, b Codogno 8 Mar 1810, d Villa Sant' Andrea 26 May 1869, issue:

c Maria Eugenia Fenzi;, b 1814, d 1838; m 1834 Giuseppi Vaj (Prato), b 1804, d 1878, issue:

1d Luigi Vaj.

2d Bianca Vaj; m Marquess Gentile Farinolo.

c Cav. Orazio Fenzi;, b 4 Feb 1817, ed Wyke House, Sion Hill, Middlesex; m 1840 Countess Emilia della Gherardesca, b 1822, d 8 Dec 1850, issue:

1d Ernesta Fenzi, b 1841, d 1882; m Marquess Giuseppe Garzoni, Senator, d 1881, issue:

1e Marchioness Maria Garzoni; m Marquess Gian Paolo Poschi-Meuron, issue:

1f Marchioness Antonietta Poschi-Meuron; m De Motter, issue:

1g Pier Luigi De Motter.

2g Maria Christina De Motter.

2f Marchioness Emilia Poschi-Meuron; m 21 Apr 1919 Count Gaddo della Gherardesca, b 1895, d 1981, issue:

1g Count Guelfo della Gherardesca, b 1920; m 1945 Adriana Guillichini, issue:

1h Countess Sibilla della Gherardesca, b Florence 1946; m Salvatore Orlando

2h Count Gaddo Walfredo della Gherardesca, b Florence 1949; m 1983 Michela Valli. He had a long affair with HRH Sarah Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of York ( born Sarah Margaret Ferguson, 15 October 1959).

3h Count Manfredi della Gherardesca, b Florence 1961; m 1998 Princess Maria Theodora Gfn von Löwenstein-Scharffeneck, b London 11 Jul 1966, daugh of Prince Rupert Gf von Löwenstein-Scharffeneck, Prince zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg, b Palma de Mallorca 24 Aug 1933, banker who has been the Rolling Stones financial advisor for over 30 years, and of Josephine Clara Lowry-Corry, b London 26 Jan 1931.

2g Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, b Florence 1925; m 1949 Anna Capacci, issue:

1h Count Arrigo della Gherardesca, b Florence 1950; m 1985 Lithian Ricci, issue:

1i Count Walfredo della Gherardesca, b Milan 1987.

2i Count Gaddo della Gherardesca, b Milan 1990.

3g Count Ludovico della Gherardesca; m Countess Pandolfini, issue:

1h Count Gian Paolo della Gherardesca.

2h Countess Francesca della Gherardesca.

3h Countess Marilli della Gherardesca.

4h Countess Oretta della Gherardesca.

2e Marchioness Emilia Garzoni; m Count Gustavo Parravicino, issue:

1f Count Giuseppe Parravicino.

2f Countess Bianca Parravicino.

3f Countess Lilly Parravicino.

4f Countess Ernesta Parravicino.

2d Cav.Emanuele Orazio Fenzi, b 1843, d 1924; m Cristina daugh of Chevalier Sebastiano Fenzi and Emily Verity, issue to follow

3d Luisa Fenzi, b 1848, d 1916; m 24 Apr 1871 Count Cino Ernesto Corsini, b Florence 1846, d 1898, issue:

1e Count Ernesto Corsini, b 1872, d 1926.

2e Count Emanuele Corsini, b Florence 1876, d 1958; m 1911 Maria Carolina Giuntini, issue:

1f Countess Andreola Corsini, b Florence 1913, d 1972.

2f Countess Simonetta Corsini, b Florence 1914; m 1946 Giovanni Montaperto, Duke of Montaperto and Duke of Santa Elisabetta, issue:

1g Gerlando Montaperto, Duke of Montaperto and Santa Elisabetta, b Florence 1948.

2g Duchess Elisabetta Montaperto, b Lausanne 1950; m 1989 Count Tommaso Montesi Righetti, b Florence 1930.

3f Count Cino Tommaso Corsini, b Florence 1917, d Porto Ercole 2001; m 1945 Aimeé Gailard Russell, lived in USA, issue:

1g Countess Desideria Corsini, b Florence 1950.

2g Countess Immacolata Corsini, b Islip 1954; m 1980 Gerald Blanc.

3g Count Alessandro Emanuele Corsini, b Islip 1957; m 1991 Michèlle de Kwiatkowski, issue:

1h Count Cosimo Corsini, b New York 1994.

2h Countess Luia Corsini, b New York 1994.

3h Countess Mariuka Corsini, b New York 1994.

4g Countess Allegra Corsini, b Florence 1962; m 1992 Count Guido Poccianti.

4f Count Nicolò Corsini, b Florence 1920, d 1994. 5f Countess Giuliana Corsini, b Florence 1928 ; m 1962 Baron Clemente della Noce

3e Count Guido Corsini, b Mozzette 1879, d Florence 1954. c Cav.Carlo Fenzi, Senator, b 1823, d 1881, inherited the Palazzo di via San Gallo and Villa Granatieri.

c Cav.Sebastiano Fenzi;, b 1822, d 1901; m 27 May 1848 at St Mary’s, Coity and immediately afterwards at the Catholic Church, Cardiff, m Emily(b 1784, d 1875) daugh of Abraham Robert Verity, educ University of Pisa and Vienna, he wrote Rivista Britannica 1851-2, he inherited Villa Rusciano which was made over to his son Camillo, Emily d 7 May 1869 in Naples on returning from Egypt, buried 15 May at Villa de Granatieri issue:

1d Eugenia Fenzi, b 1849, d 1910; m 1. 1867 Gustavo Adolphus, Baron Oppenheim, banker (Haus H Oppenheim Nachflger and Co), he built for his wife the Villa Oppenheim (now Villa Cora designed by Pietro Comarni Rossi and Giuseppe Poggi), a setting for the greatest social gatherings during Florence’s period as the capital of Italy, Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie were frequent guests. Baron and Baroness Oppenheim where in Egypt for the 1869 opening by the Empress of the Suez Canal (which both theOppenheim bank and the Banco Fenzi had been involved in financing) where Eugenia was the last person to cross by land prior to the joining of the channels and she was presented with a necklace of large pearls on which she would live in later years. Suspecting his wife’s infidelity Oppenheim attempted to blow up the Villa Oppenheim, here the Empress was to live from 1874 (now Villa Cora); Eugenia left Italy for the Verity family in Glamorganshire where she m 2. 29 Nov 1883 Giulio, Count Prina Ricotti, b 1842 , d 1921; Ouida’s novel ‘In a Winter City’ 1876 is based on Eugenia following her separation from Oppenheim and before her eventual marriage to Prina Ricotti, issue:

1e Edwin, Baron Oppenheim, Admiral , lived largely at the Villa Oppenheim at Taormina.

2e Countess Emilia Prina Ricotti; m 1. Marquess di Lorenzo; 2. Marquess Corrado dal Pozzo d'Annone, Admiral of the Regia Marina, b Milan 2 Oct 1875, d 1935; issue in addition to 2 by di Lorenzo:

1f Marquess Claudio Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Abbazia 1902; m 1. Countess Ginevra Malvasia dalla Serra Gabrielli Tortorelli, 2. Elvira Fairchild Hutchinson, issue from the first wedding:

1g Marchioness Carla Nicoletta Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Nice 1933; m 1954 Count Rambaldo degli Azzoni Avogadro, issue:

1h Count Gherardo Rizzolino degli Azzoni Avogadro Malvasia, b Milan 1955.

2h Count Valperto degli Azzoni Avogadro Malvasia, b Milan 1965.

2g Marquess Corrado Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Bologna 1937, d 1976.

3g Marquess Francesco Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Bologna 1944; m 1980 Pirjo Leena Karahka, issue:

1h Marchioness Lena Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Florence 1981.

2h Marquess Corrado Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Florence 1982

2f Marchioness Maria Cristina Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Budapest 1904; m Count Vittorio Cini di Monselice, b Ferrara 20 feb 1885, d Venice 18 sep 1977, Italian Industrial, Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, great art collector, and creator of the Giorgio Cini Foundation based on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the city of Venice.

3f Marquess Corrado Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Rapallo 1909; m 1937 Clara Marzocchi.

4f Marquess Gianlorenzo Dal Pozzo d'Annone, b Rapallo 1915,d 1994. 3e Countess Costanza Prina Ricotti, b 1882, d 1969; m Marquess Carlo Santasilia di Torpino, son of Marquess Vincenzo Santasilia di Torpino, b 1833, d 1916, and of Luisa Coventry.

4e Cesare, Count Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1884, d Rome 1964; m 1919 Countess Luisa Cumbo Borgia, b Messina, d Rome 1971, issue:

1f Countess Eugenia Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1922; m 1947 Filippo Salza, son of Silvio Salza, Admiral of the Regia Marina, issue:

1g Silvio Salza, b Rome 1948.

2f Diego, Count Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1923; m 1947 Maria Rosaria Salamone, issue: 1g Count Cesare Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1948; m 1976 Paola Palamenghi Crispi, issue:

1h Countess Cristina Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1978.

2h Count Giulio Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1982.

3h Countess Francesca Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1985.

2g Count Lucio Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1952; m 1978 Maria D'Arrigo, issue:

1h Count Diego Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1980.

2h Count Aldo Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1984.

5e Count Sidney Prina Ricotti, b Florence 1887, d 1959, Italian Ambassador to Greece and to India; m his cousin Cristina Morin, b Florence 1881, d 1971, son of Costantino Enrico Morin, Admiral of the Regia Marina, Minister of the Regia Marina, 1903 Minister of Foreign Affairs, issue:

1f Countess Maria Livia Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1915; m Count Cesare Ponza di San Martino, b Venice 1913, son of Count Gustavo Ponza di San Martino, b Rome 1913, d Torino 1946, Admiral of the Regia Marina, and of Marchioness Margherita Faà di Bruno, b Novara 1879, d San Remo 1961.

2f Count Sidney Prina Ricotti, b Rome 1923; m 1955 Anne Campbell Penney, niece of Major General Sir William Ronald Campbell Penney, b 1896, d 1964.

2d Cristina Fenzi, b 1851; m 1870 Cav. Emanuele Orazio Fenzi, b 1842, d Tripoli 1927, son of Cav. Orazio Fenzi and Countess Emilia della Gherardesca, banker and horticulturist educ University of Pisa, he inherited most of the Fenzi's Estates including Sant’Andrea; which (in 1893 was sold to Princess San Donato, Princess Elena Demidoff the niece of Anatole Demidoff who had been involved with the Fenzi’s in the development of the Florence rail connections) arrived Santa Barbara, California in 1894, where he developed at Riviera a nursery and arboretum with Franceschi Flame Trees (now Franceschi Park) 1904 changed his name to Francesco Franceschi Fenzi, he built Montarioso on the Riviera. In 1912 at the behest of the King of Italy he supervised in Libya a horticultural programme, issue:

1e Ernestina Fenzi, b 1873, d 1977, lived at Volterra later Santa Barbara, California. 2e Teresina Fenzi, b 1875, d 1961, lived in Canada.

3e Cav. Carlo Fenzi, b 1876, d Rome 1946. 4e Cav. Fenzo Fenzi, b 1880, d Rome 1947; m Countess Costanza dei Lamberti, b 1875, d 1945, issue:

1f Leopolda (Dina) Fenzi, b Milan 15 Aug 1907; m 1934 Nob. Uberto Puccioni, b 1901, d 1963, son of Nob. Mario Puccioni and Nob. Brunetta Dainelli, issue:

1g Nob. Giovanna Puccioni, b Florence 1936; m 1960 Nob. Stefono Scoli Legani.

2g Nob. Maria Caterina Puccioni, b Florence 1941; m 1966 Alberto Missiroli. 2f Cav. Gianfranco Fenzi, b Milan 16 Oct 1908, d Somalia 1936.

3f Cav. Carlino Fenzi, b San Marcello Pistoiese 1910, d 1989, Admiral of the Regia Marina; m 1939 Rosalia Randisi, b 1907, d Rome 1945.

1g Cav. Gianfranco Fenzi, b Rome 6 Mar 1942; m 29 Apr 1968 Duchess Bianca Maria Lopez y Royo di Taurisano.

1h Cristina Fenzi, b Pisa 1969.

2h Francesca Fenzi, b Pisa 1972.

3h Cav. Carlo Fenzi, b Pisa 1977.

4f Cristina Fenzi, b Milan 15 May 1913. 5e Cav. Camillo Fenzi, b Florence 1889, d Santa Barbara (California) 1936; m Dorothy Redfield, b 1893, issue:

1f Cav. Warren Fenzi, b Santa Barbara 4 Aug 1915, d 20 oct 2002, President of Phelps Dodge Corporation; m Eleanor Huse Leeds, issue:

1g Cav. Charles C Fenzi.

2g Louisa Fenzi.

3g Cav. Warren S Fenzi.

4g Cav. David L Fenzi.

5g Jane F Fenzi.

3f Sara Luisa Fenzi; m Carpenter.

4f Cav. Guido Fenzi; m Jewel, issue: 1g Cav. Camillo Fenzi.

2g Cav. Rubh Fenzi.

6e Cav. Franco Fenzi, b Firenze 1890; m Margherita Dibble, issue:

1f Ernestina Fenzi, b Santa Barbara 1918, d Santa Barbara 2007 .

2f Teresina Fenzi; m Basil Muncey, issue:

1g Margherita Muncey.

2g Cristina Muncey.

3g Terence Muncey.

3f Francesca Fenzi.

4f Cristina Fenzi, b Milan 15 May 1913. 3d Cav. Camillo Emanuele Arturo Carlo Sebastiano Fenzi, b 17 Dec 1852 ; m 12 Jul 1875 Hadzor, Worcestershire, Evelina Isabella Douglas (b 1852, d 1938), daughter of Sir Douglas Strutt Galton of Himbleton, Worcestershire (see Burke’s L.G. Galton of Hadzor House ), inherited from his grandfather Emanuel Fenzi, Villa di Rusciano (designed by Brunelleschi), d 25 Aug 1883 at Montelabate where the Fenzis had mining interests, (Evelina m 2. 2 Feb 1898, Leonard Daneham Cunliffe, Governor of the Bank of England) issue: 1e Camilla Fenzi, b Florence 1875, d 1882 twin.

2e Ida Fenzi; b Florence 1875, with her brother Leone inherited the Villa di Rusciano which was sold following the death of Sebastiano Fenzi in 1901, m 28 Jul 1908 Ronald, DL, JP (b 9 Feb 1884) son of Richard Copeland, DL, JP of Kibblestone Hall (see Burke’s L.G.), Polish Gold Cross of Merit, MP 1931-35 for Stoke on Trent. She stood against Sir Oswald Mosley whom she defeated in the 1931 general election, gave Trelissick, Cornwall, which she had inherited from Leonard Cunliff and the garden she had created, to the National Trust, d 29 June 1964, issue:

1f Spencer Copeland; issue: 1g David Copeland.

2g William Copeland. 2f Geoffrey Copeland; issue:

1g Richard Copeland.

2g Peter Copeland.

3g Michael Copeland.

3e Cav. Carlo Halo Fenzi; died young.

4e Cav. Leone(l) Sebastiano Douglas Carlo Hubert Galton-Fenzi, b 1880, coffee estate near Nairobi 1919 Royal East Africa Automobile Association, 1926, first person to drive between Nairobi and Mombasa, Founded author ‘The New Equatorial Road’, Nairobi 1924, his memorial is near the GPO Nairobi ; m 1. 20 Apr 1912, Edith Lillian Shipster (d Djakarta) 2. Betty daugh of JM Sandy of Sydney, b 1892, (m 2 Harold Montgomery see Burkes PB. V Montgomery of Alamein), d 1976, issue:

1f Evelyn Galton-Fenzi;,b 1920 m Gerald Schleuter (b 1917, d 1979),lived in Nairobi, Leonel d 1937 issue:

1g Michael Galton Schleuter; b 1947.

2f Anthony Galton-Fenzi;issue: 1g Brian Galton-Fenzi;m Libby,3 issue.

2g Keith Galon-Fenzi; 3f Hugh Galton-Fenzi; m Jenny.

4d Costanza Fenzi, b 1855, d 1932; m Costantino Enrico Morin, b 1841, d 1910, Admiral of the Regia Marina, Minister of the Regia Marina, 1903 Minister of Foreign Affairs; at Forte dei Marmi he built for his wife the Villa Costanza (later Villa Agnelli), issue:

1e Matilda Morin, b 1883, d 1919 ; m Riccardo Paladini, issue:

1f Carlo Paladini, b 1910, Admiral of the Regia Marina; m Marchioness Anna Maria Sersale (b Naples1942), issue:

1g Fabrizia Paladini; m 1966 Marquess Luigi Lepri di Rota, b Naples 1939, issue:

1h Marquess Riccardo Lepri di Rota, b Rome 1967.

2h Marchioness Benedetta Lepri di Rota, b Foggia 1968.

3h Marquess Stanislao Lepri di Rota, b Pietrasanta 1973.

2g Costanza Paladini.

2e Cristina Morin, b 1881, d 1971; m her cousin Count Sidney Prina Ricotti, see above.

3e Sebastiano Morin; m 1919 Marchioness Gabriella Sanjust di Teulada, b Genoa 1894 d 1972 issue:

1f Enrico Morin; m Costanza Giustiniani.

2f Maria Eugenia Morin; m Mario Zuppelli.

5d Matilda Fenzi, b 1857, d 1904; m 1876 at the Bavarian Chapel, London, Richard Verity (b Paris 1844, d 23 sep 1926 and bd Certosa), son of Robert Verity and Lucretia Manners, of Southwood Hall, Yorkshire and Florence; godson of Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer, Lord Dalling and Bulwer; educ Exeter College, Oxford, 1871 called to the bar of Lincoln's Inn, daugh of Cav. Sebastiano Fenzi and Emily Verity; lived 4 Curzon Street and Southwood Hall, he sold the estate in 1876 and with his mother Lucretia Verity went to live in Florence. Founded the Florence Tennis Club, lost heavily in his investment through the Banco Fenzi in the Suez Canal, issue:

1e Beatrice Manners Verity, b 1877, d 22 Mar 1900, bd Chapel Fontaronco, Italian ladies tennis champion (part of her collection now in the Museo del Tessuto, Florence); m Massimo, Count di Frassineto, issue:

1f Countess Maria Antonia (Marinetta) di Frassineto, Princess Ruffo, b 11 Feb 1900, d 2 Feb 1987; m Florence 25 Jul 1920 Francesco, Prince Ruffo, Duca di Bagnara, Prince of Motta S. Giovanni, Prince of S. Antimo, Duke of Baranello, b Naples 23 jun 1897, d 1970, adopted as heir:

1g Marquess de' Frescobaldi, son of Marchioness de' Frescobaldi ( née Countess Antonietta di Frassinetto).

2f Count Carlo di Frassineto.

2e Roger Verity (Ruggero), b 20 May 1883, d 4 Mar 1959, Lepidopterist and the author of over 150 papers and books including ’Rhopalocera Palaerctica’ (1905-11), the five volume ’Le Farfalle Diurne d’Italia’ (1940-53) and ‘La Variations Geographiques et Saisonnieries des Papillons Diumes en France’, he was responsible for the naming of 2-3000 butterflies, his collection of close to 250,000 butterflies together with his library now in La Specola Museum, Florence. Lived in Florenceand at Cicaleto (Villa Verity) at Caldine, bd Sofiana, memorial in the family chapel at Cicaleto; m 1 Jun 1922 Princess Giulia Gallarati–Scotti, b 20 Nov 1887, d 17 Jun 1938, daugh of Count and Marquess Don Gian Carlo Gallarati Scotti, 3th Prince of Molfetta and Duke of San Pietro in Galatina, b Pisa 21 Jan 1848, d Milan 15 May 1927, and of Donna Luigia Melzi d'Eril dei Duchi di Lodi, b Belerno 21 Jan 1854, d Milan 7 Feb 1937. 3e Otho Robert Verity, b 26 Jan 1885, d Johannesburg 13 Sep 1956, educ Wellington and Lucerne engineer involved in building the Brussels tram system, lived in Mexico, Greece, South Africa and at Mont Fleurie, Pau, France; m 1914 Bertha Nolet, b Belgium, d 1939, issue: 1f Beatrice Louisa Matilda Verity, b Cheshire 21 Dec 1916; m 12 Nov 1940 George John Athenogenes; lived 12 Kensington Square, London and Athens, issue:

1g Catherine Atheogenes, b 2 Feb 1942, d 2005, lived in London and Athens; m 1. Robin Peat, 2. Richard Morrissey-Pain, issue. 2f Robert George Verity, b Florence 10 Mar 1921 ; m 20 Jan 1956 Mary Elizabeth Anne, b 6 Mar 1930, daugh Col. Graydon Stannus (see Burke’s I.F.R, Stannus of Baltiboys; brother of Dame Ninette de Valois, nee Stannus of the Elms), issue: 1g Vanessa Verity, b 1956; m Jonathan Simmons, issue.

2g Louise Verity, b 1957; m 26 Mar 2005 Carston Mikkelsen (Danish).

3g Elizabeth Verity, b 1959, issue:

1h Sebastian Otho Verity, b 1979, educ Downside and University of Edinburgh.

4g Robert Verity, b 1960; m Vicky.

5g Hester Verity, b 1963.

3f Roger Richard Verity, b 25 May 1926 Mexico, educ Stowe; m 20 Oct 1951 Elizabeth Jenkins; lived in South Africa later NZ, issue:

1g Richard Michael Verity, b 25 Oct 1958, d 1996, educ Rhodes University, he died in a flying accident; m Jenni Davidson, issue:

1h Lisa Verity, b 2 Oct 1991.

2h Sean Robert Verity, b 21 Sep 1994.

2g Nicol Janine Verity, b 16 Nov 1962; m Nadav Kander, b 1962, issue.

3g Susan Anne Verity, b 1955; m 1 Apr 1978 George Andrew Deeb, b 1951; moved 1994 NZ, issue. 6d Eleonora Fenzi, b 1859, d 1944; m 1882 Guglielmo, Count Bombicci-Pomi, issue:

1e Countess Teresina Bombicci-Pomi; m Grimaldo, Marquess Beccadelli Grimaldi, issue:

1f Beccadino, Marquess Beccadelli Grimaldi, b 1910, d 1984.

2f Marquess Benno Beccadelli Grimaldi.

7d Emilia Fenzi, b 1864, d 1894; m 1884 Carlo, Count Moretti, issue:

1e Enrico Costantino, Count Moretti, b 1887 d 1917, Minister of the Regia Marina 1900-1903.

2e Countess Matilda Moretti; m Roberto Count Bellegardi de St Lary.

8d Carlo Italo, b Villa di Rusciano 14 Apr 1866, d 17 Jan 1867, buried at Granaterie.

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