List of the longest English words with one syllable

List of the longest English words with one syllable

This is a list of the candidates for longest English word of one syllable. Unsurprisingly, most of these long words contain one or more digraphs (e.g., "rr" or "ai") and the occasional trigraph (e.g., "tch"). That is, multiple letters are used to represent a single sound. Additionally, neither the "-ed" preterite past tense ending for verbs, nor the "-s" plural ending for nouns increases the syllable count for certain words, so it is unsurprising that the longest words would use these endings.

Eleven or ten letters

The eleven-letter word "broughammed" (created from "brougham" by analogy with "bussed", "biked", "carted" etc.), while readily pronounceable as one syllable in all dialects ("broomed", IPAEng|bruːmd), is yet to appear in a print dictionary. See: "ough" words. The word might also be spelled "broughamed", with ten letters; this spelling was used by George Bernard Shaw. []

"Squirrelled" is the spelling in British English of a word usually spelled in American English as "squirreled" (see -led and -lled spellings). While in Received Pronunciation the word has two syllables (IPAEng|ˈskwɪrəld), it is often pronounced IPA|/skwɝld/ (rhymes with "world") in North American English. [ [ Merriam Webster Online] ] Of those who use the one-syllable pronunciation, some may use the eleven-letter spelling; for the rest, it is a ten-letter monosyllable.

Ten letters long

The American Heritage Dictionary lists "scrootch" as a variant spelling of "scrooch". The past form would be "scrootched", with ten letters.

The Oxford English Dictionary lists "scraunch" as an obsolete variant of "scrunch", or "crunch". However, the only citation given for "scraunched" is from a 1620 translation of "Miguel de Cervantes" "Don Quixote", in which the "-ed" inflection is pronounced as a separate syllable, as was common in Early Modern English.

Nine letters

There are a number of nine-letter words of a single syllable.

*"squirrels" (see above)
*"thrutched"The word "strengths" is unique among these in only containing a single vowel letter. It is also one of the most complex syllables in English, its consonants and vowels being distributed as CCCVCCCC (IPAEng|strɛŋkθs, although it can be pronounced IPA|/strɛnθs/); the /k/ is not part of the underlying structure of the word, but an example of homorganic excrescence.

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