Faremoutiers Abbey

Faremoutiers Abbey

Faremoutiers Abbey ( _fr. Notre-Dame de Faremoutiers) was founded circa 620 by Burgundofara (Saint Fara). It formed an important link between the Merovingian Frankish Empire and the southern Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Kent and East Anglia.

The abbey was a dual monastery, that is it had separate accommodations for monks and nuns. It was established following the strict Rule of Saint Columbanus. Originally named "Evoriacum", it was renamed in Burgundofara's honour.

The modern village of Faremoutiers grew up around the abbey which was endowed with lands by Saint Fara.

List of abbesses of Faremoutiers

* Burgundofara (c. 620–643x655)
* Æthelburg (died c. 664), daughter of King Anna of East Anglia
* Sæthryth (d. after 664), stepdaughter of King Anna of East Anglia


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