List of rare flora of the Warren region

List of rare flora of the Warren region

This is a list of endangered flora of the Warren region, a biogeographic region in southern Western Australia. It includes all taxa that occur in the region, and that have been classified as "R: Declared Rare Flora - Extant Taxa" or "X: Declared Rare Flora - Presumed Extinct Taxa" under the Department of Environment and Conservation's Declared Rare and Priority Flora List, and are hence gazetted as endangered extant flora under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.cite news | title = Wildlife Conservation (Rare Flora) Notice 2006(2) | url =,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,403/Itemid,1208/ | format = PDF | work = Western Australian Government Gazette | publisher = Government of Western Australia | pages = 5311–5317 | date = 1 December 2006 | accessdate = 2007-01-17]

There are 28 endangered taxa. "Leucopogon cryptanthus" is presumed extinct. The other 27 are believed extant:cite web | title = Florabase | url = | accessdate = 2007-01-31]
* "Asplenium obtusatum" subsp. "northlandicum"
* "Banksia brownii" (Feather-leaved Banksia)
* "Banksia verticillata" (Albany Banksia)
* "Boronia exilis"
* "Brachyscias verecundus"
* "Caladenia christineae"
* "Caladenia excelsa"
* "Caladenia harringtoniae"
* "Caladenia winfieldii"
* "Calectasia cyanea" (Blue Tinsel Lily)
* "Darwinia ferricola" ms
* "Diuris drummondii" (Tall Donkey Orchid)
* "Drakaea micrantha"
* "Dryandra nivea" subsp. "uliginosa"
* "Epiblema grandiflorum" var. "cyaneum" ms (Blue Babe-in-a-cradle)
* "Grevillea brachystylis" subsp. "australis"
* "Hydatella dioica" (Swan Hydatella)
* "Isopogon uncinatus "
* "Kennedia glabrata" (Northcliffe Kennedia)
* "Kennedia macrophylla" (Augusta Kennedia)
* "Lambertia orbifolia" subsp. Scott River Plains
* "Meziella trifida"
* "Microtis globula" (South-coast Mignonette Orchid)
* "Reedia spathacea"
* "Sphenotoma drummondii" (Mountain Paper-heath)
* "Verticordia fimbrilepis" subsp. "australis"
* "Verticordia plumosa" var. "vassensis"


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