Surf's Up (video game)

Surf's Up (video game)

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"Surf's Up" is the video game based on Sony Pictures Animation movie of the same name. Surf's Up the video game follows the basic story of Cody Maverick in the movie. This game was developed by Ubisoft and is currently available for PC and for all Consoles


As the name indicates, Surf's Up is a surfing style game (using mechanics often seen in most skateboarding video games) set at the annual "Reggie Belafonte Big Z Memorial Surf Off" as seen in the film. Players choose from one of 10 characters from the film "Surf's Up" to play as, and will experience various spots on Pen Gu Island, from North Beach, to the Boneyards, as well as Cody's home of Shiverpool as they progress in the contest.

The players are given a set of objectives to meet in each match, including finding and collecting a set number of trophies scattered throughout the level, gaining enough points from performing tricks while surfing, and maneuvering through large gates. Each course has a large wave on either the left or right side of the screen that follows the player throughout, allowing the surfer to ride up and perform a trick as well as to garner speed for certain obstacles and ramps.

As you progress and collect the needed goals, you'll unlock new characters, as well as videos, artwork, and in-game shorts from SPEN featuring Sal, the walrus announcer.

Playable Characters

Cody Maverick

Quick and brash, Cody knows what it takes to succeed, but he has also learned how to enjoy the ride.
*Origin: Shiverpool
*Style: Carver
*Starting board: Cody's Board


A lifeguard and an accomplished surfer, Lani knows how to keep her cool in dicey situations.
*Origin: Pen Gu Island
*Style: Aerial
*Starting board: Hibiscus Board

Chicken Joe:

Chicken Joe is a mellow but talented surfer. He may be a little bit "out of it," but he's a surfer with moves no one's seen before.
*Origin: Lake Michigan
*Style: Acrobat
*Starting board: Corn Board

Rory Nubbins

Rory is a well-balanced surfer with personality. But nobody knows the secret to his success because no one can understand him when he speaks.
*Origin: Australia
*Style: Aerial
*Starting board: Aussie Blast

Tatsuhi Kobayashi (Unlockable)

Tatsuhi's success is greatly due to his technologically advanced surfboard.
*Origin: Japan
*Style: Carver
*Starting board: ZX-19

Arnold (Unlockable)

Arnold is a small and cute surfer, but you shouldn't judge a book by its cover...
*Origin: Pen Gu Island
*Style: Acrobat
*Starting board: Cutie Baby

Tank (Unlockable)

Tank is the current nine-time surf champion. He has lots of brawn and is willing to use it against anyone who stands between him and victory!
*Origin: Pen Gu Island
*Style: Brawler
*Starting board: Reggie Special

Geek (Unlockable)

The geek might be an out-of-shape recluse, but he has the heart of a champion and the skills to prove it.
*Origin: Pen Gu Island
*Style: Soul surfer
*Starting board: Barnacle Board

Big Z (Unlockable)

The greatest surfer of all time. Big Z is both a legend and a mystery in the surf community.
*Origin: Pen Gu Island
*Style: Soul surfer
*Starting board: Z Old Board

Secret Surfer - Elliot (Unlockable)

This scrawny fast-talker is making his first appearance in the Reggie Belafonte Big Z Memorial Surf-Off.
*Origin: Timberline
*Style: Brawler
*Starting board: Tree Hugger


#A - "Something's Going On"
#Plain White T's - "Down The Road"
#A - "The Distance"
#Elbow - "Forget Myself"
#Mull Historical Society - "Live Like The Automatics"
#Silverbullit - "Grass Hopper"
#Simple Plan - "Jump (Instrumental Version)"
#Jamie Christopherson - "Boneyards"
#"Song 1"
#"Song 2"
#"Song 3"
#"Song 4"
#"Song 5"
#"Song 6"
#"Song 7"
#"Song 8"
#"Song 9"
#"Song 10"
#"Song 11"
#"Song 12"
#"Song 13"
#"Song 14"
#"Song 15"
#"Song 16"


* In the PS2 version, in one of the SPEN videos when Sal is talking about the natives trying to threat violence on surfers, he is saying the quote of a native peuguin leader, he is speaking the natives language, if you listen closely, you can tell that the leader is speaking part rough Engilish by when Sal is speaking his language, which is what he is saying on the last sentence, “No more fools on my way! LA LA LA!”

* This was one of the last games to be released on Gamecube.


Cody: (while in gameplay) Hope you got your cameras rolling!

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