Typhoon Weapon System

Typhoon Weapon System

The Typhoon is a type of close in weapon system manufactured by RAFAEL Armament Development Authority of Israel. It is multi-configurable.

The first Typhoon, the Mk-23, was released in 1997. The weapon is mounted on a stabilised deck mounting which allows it to remain on target as the platform beneath it moves. The stabilizer has an accuracy of 0.25 mrad, allowing it to keep the weapon aimed to within 250 mm / 9 inches on a target 1000 m / 1000 yards away.

The mounting does not penetrate the platform, making it relatively simple to fit the weapon to ships. Typhoon can use sights attached to the weapon mount or it can receive inputs from an independent Electro-Optical Detector (EOD) or Fire Control Radar (FCR). Using its own sight the Typhoon system can provide firing solutions entirely without outside assistance, allowing it to function fully independently.

The cannon system mounted can be either an ATK Oerlikon, Mauser or Giat model in the 20-30 mm caliber range. Between 160 and 210 rounds are carried on the mounting, depending on the caliber. The mount can traverse 120° to either side and elevate between -12.5° and 40.5°. The weight of a complete system is between 690 and 750 kg, depending on the gun and sensors mounted.


Mini Typhoon

A "mini Typhoon" which mounts a .50 caliber or 7.62 mm machine gun or 40 mm grenade launcher on a lightweight mount is also available.

By 2006, more than 120 Typhoon systems had been ordered.

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* http://www.rafael.co.il/marketing/area.aspx?FolderID=351
* http://www.israeli-weapons.com/weapons/naval/typhoon/Typhoon.html

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