Nothing Still

Nothing Still

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Name = Nothing Still
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Origin = St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Genre = Pop, Rock, Synthpop
Years_active = 2000 - present
Current_members = Emilio Hernandez
Patrick Slusser
Anthony Ficken
Tom Fedke
Matt Kleemann
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Everything Still is an American Pop/Rock/synthpop band from St. Louis, Missouri that was founded in November 2000.


Emilio Hernandez (vocals), Tom Fedke (bass), Patrick Slusser (drums), Anthony Ficken (lead guitar) and Matt Kleeman (guitar) are the embodiment of this 5-piece electronic alternative pop band. Forming almost 6 years ago, Nothing Still has made an unbelievable amount of progress since their formation in 2000. Their unprecedented sound is indescribable to anyone whose ears have not yet been graced by this unmatched eclectic blend of genres. The unparalleled combination of synth, rock and pop with a dash of a dark side (think The Cure) makes this band a breath of fresh air from other generic synth-rock acts.

It isn't just their sound that sets them apart. Nothing Still were proclaimed the "hardest working band in St. Louis" by Riverfront Times for a reason. It is their unworldly work ethics, continual innovation, and drive to succeed that has gotten them where they are today. With 700+ attendance at headlining shows, biweekly video Podcasts on iTunes, a full autobiographical documentary, radio play, inconceivable hours in the studio, and unrelenting self-promotion, it's no wonder why Nothing Still is quickly becoming a household name.

Even while having so much under their belts, all five remain true to their art as well as their fans. At every show, Nothing Still members remain in the venue with genuine smiling faces giving hugs, signing autographs, taking photographs, and making small talk until every light comes on and security begins clearing the very last lingering audience members out. This is the source of their success. The appreciation and love they possess alongside their unmatched composition of sound will inevitably take them to the top.

Current status

"A Black Tie Affair" is the second SGM Records release from Nothing Still. The entire EP flows from beginning to end, offering breaths of air during intermission tracks where Ficken displays his instrumental versatility. The band showcases their range of innovation throughout this album. From the incorporation of strings in their single "Magnum Girl" to the inclusion of remixes (courtesy of fellow SGM Records label mate RandomDYAD) to the enhanced CD feature that includes the band's documentary.

In between recording and headlining at local venues, Nothing Still has been catching attention by opening for numerous national acts such as Men, Women and Children, Letter Kills, Flickerstick, Rock n' Roll Soldiers, Lola Ray, and Horse the Band; as well as performing twice at the Vans Warped Tour. They have also toured with Kill Hannah, Clear Static, and Shiny Toy Guns.

Live Experience

An unoccupied stage presents itself in front of hundreds of anticipating faces that have situated themselves in every crevice of the venue. The usual chatter of eager concert goers indistinguishably hums from wall to wall while fans, both new and old, gather shoulder to shoulder to prepare themselves for what can only be described as an unforgettable performance from four ordinary guys turned local heroes. Without warning, the lights cut out.  As the first dark figure appears on stage, the side conversation throughout the venue begins to cease, only to be replaced by unparamount cheering. Synth introductions start and in sync lights shoot from one corner of the venue to the next. The stage lights come on.  Standing on stage are five men who are nothing less than the definition of "dressed to kill".  This is Nothing Still.


"Hardest working band in St. Louis: Synthrock band Nothing Still must be exhausted. The quartet just wrapped their latest CD, A Black Tie Affair, are producing an autobiographical documentary and launched bi-weekly video podcasts on iTunes all while wearing very, very tight jeans."
-- Riverfront Times

“Nothing Still is a St. Louis four-piece with a God Lives Underwater/Die Symphony/Kill Hannah kinda vibe. The group was impressive, performing tunes from their equally impressive release, OUR CINEMATIC SITUATION. That title is as apt a description of the band's music as anything that I could come up with; the sound is very cinematic, very professional... in a powerhouse rock 'n' roll kinda way. Even though this was my first exposure to Nothing Still, it's obvious that they have gained quite a reputation around town as they have a fairly hefty following built up. If you are a fan of any of the bands mentioned in the first sentence - or if you dig the Killers - you should check out Nothing Still. Your ears will thank me!”
-- Flush Magazine

“Nothing Still is a band with something to offer people who enjoy great live shows. This group of creative locals has come up with its own unique sound, drawing from new wave and glam rock influences and has a high-energy stage show to go with it. Singer/guitarist Emilio Hernandez makes full use of the stage and never stands still. He seems to be able to win over the crowd's attention the minute he jumps on stage and the band's unusual, atmospheric guitar sound is literally addictive. The band's guitar sounds create a mood much like the moment before a serious summer rainstorm. The sound is somewhat somber and dark, but it's exciting nonetheless.”
-- John Kujawski, Playback Magazine


EP Releases

*"Our Cinematic Situation" – (February 14th, 2004; independent release)
*"A Black Tie Affair" – (August 11th, 2006; SGM Records)
*"I've Got a Feeling (I've Slept Here Before)" - (December 6, 2008); Jason McEntire



*Emilio Hernandez – vocals
*Patrick Slusser – drums
*Anthony Ficken – guitar, vocals
*Tom Fedke – bass
*Matt Kleemann – guitar, vocals


*Jonathan Clark – guitar
*Bryan Lindhorst – guitar
*Curt Koenig – keyboards

External links

* [ Official Site]
* [ Nothing Still] on MySpace]
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