List of former IA32 compatible processor manufacturers

List of former IA32 compatible processor manufacturers

As the 32-bit Intel Architecture became the dominant computing platform during the 1980sand 1990s, multiple companies have tried to build microprocessors that are compatible with that Intel instruction set architecture. Most of these companies were not successful in the mainstream computing market. So far, only AMD has had any market presence in the computing market for more than a couple of product generations. Cyrix was successful during the 386 and 486 generations of products, but did not do well after the Pentium was introduced.

List of former IA32 compatible microprocessor vendors:

*Centaur Technology - originally subsidiary of IDT, later acquired by VIA Technologies, still producing compatible low-end devices for Via
*Cyrix - acquired by National Semiconductor, later acquired by VIA Technologies, eventually shut down
*Chips and Technologies - left market after failed 386 compatible chip failed to boot the Windows operating system
*IBM - Cyrix licensee and developer of Blue Lightning 486 line of processors, eventually left compatible chip market
*IDT - original funder of Centaur, later sold off that subsidiary to VIA, no longer in compatible market.
*IIT Corp - 486 compatible project never completed
*MemoryLogix - Multi-threaded CPU core and SOC for PCs never completed
*Metaflow Technologies - project never completed
*Montalvo Systems - Asymmetric multiprocessor never completed
*National Semiconductor - low-end 486 (designed in-house) never widely sold; first acquirer of Cyrix, later keeping only low-end IA32 devices targeted for consumer System-on-a-chips, finally selling them to AMD
*NexGen - bought by AMD to help develop the successful K6 device
*Rise Technology - after 5 years of working on the slow mP6 chip (released in 1998), the company closed a year later
*Texas Instruments and SGS-Thomson -licensees of Cyrix designs, eventually left compatible chip market
*Transmeta - transitioned to an intellectual property company in 2005.
*United Microelectronics Corporation and Meridian Semiconductor - got out of market after slow 486 compatible missed market window
*ULSI System Technology - company shut down after one of their employees was convicted for stealing Intel design documents

As of 2005, only AMD and to a much lesser extent VIA Technologies compete with Intel in the desktop IA32 market.

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