Kingdom of Portugal

Kingdom of Portugal

Infobox Former Country
native_name =
conventional_long_name = Kingdom of Portugal
common_name = Portugal|
continent = Europe
country = Portugal
status =
government_type = Monarchy
year_start = 1139
year_end = 1910|
event_start =
date_start = 26 July
event_end = Revolution
date_end = 5 October
event1 = Peninsular War
date_event1 = 1808-1814
event2 = Brazilian suzerainty
date_event2 = 1815
event3 = Brazilian independence
date_event3 = October 12, 1822
p1 = Second County of Portugal
flag_p1 = PortugueseFlag1095.svg
s1 = Portuguese First Republic
flag_s1 = Flag of Portugal.svg
s2 = Empire of Brazil
flag_s2 = Flag of the Second Empire of Brazil.svg

image_map_caption = The Kingdom of Portugal in 1561|
capital = Coimbra, Lisbon¹
national_motto =
national_anthem = O Hino da Carta (from 1834)
common_languages = Portuguese
religion = Roman Catholic
currency = Real (from 1433)
leader1 = Afonso I
leader2 = Manuel II
year_leader1 = 1139-1185
year_leader2 = 1908-1910
title_leader =
footnotes = ¹ Capital moved to Rio de Janeiro 1808-1815 and during the first dinasty was located at Coimbra from 1139 to 1255.

The Kingdom of Portugal was Portugal's general designation under the monarchy. The kingdom was located in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, and existed from 1139 to 1910. It was replaced by the Portuguese First Republic after the Lisbon Regicide (1908) and ultimately, the October 5th revolution (1910).

Origins and end

The Second County of Portugal (1093-1139), successor to the First County of Portugal (868-1071), became a kingdom on 26 July 1139 when Afonso I was proclaimed king of Portugal.

In 1908, King Charles of Portugal was killed in a regicide at Lisbon. The Portuguese monarchy lasted until 5th October 1910, when through a revolution it was overthrown and Portugal was proclaimed a republic. The overthrow of the Portuguese monarchy in 1910 led to a sixteen-year struggle to sustain parliamentary democracy under republicanism.

The Portuguese Empire

Through the times, the Kingdom of Portugal built what was known as the Portuguese Empire since 1415, traditionally referring to its vast colonies, the largest of which was Brazil (established in 1500 and an independent country since 1822). The remaining empire passed under control of the Portuguese Republic until the late 20th century, when the last overseas territories of Portugal were handed over (most notably Portuguese Africa, which included the overseas provinces of Angola and Mozambique, in 1975, and finally Macau in 1999).


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*United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves

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