Title 3 of the United States Code

Title 3 of the United States Code

Title 3 of the United States Code outlines the role of the President of the United States in the United States Code.

Chapter 1—Presidential Elections and Vacancies

This chapter deals with elections for President every four years, and vacancies.

# § 1. Time of appointing electors
# § 2. Failure to make choice on prescribed day
# § 3. Number of electors
# § 4. Vacancies in electoral college
# § 5. Determination of controversy as to appointment of electors
# § 6. Credentials of electors; transmission to Archivist of the United States and to Congress; public inspection
# § 7. Meeting and vote of electors
# § 8. Manner of voting
# § 9. Certificates of votes for President and Vice President
# § 10. Sealing and endorsing certificates
# § 11. Disposition of certificates
# § 12. Failure of certificates of electors to reach President of the Senate or Archivist of the United States; demand on State for certificate
# § 13. Same; demand on district judge for certificate
# § 14. Forfeiture for messenger’s neglect of duty
# § 15. Counting electoral votes in Congress
# § 16. Same; seats for officers and Members of two Houses in joint meeting
# § 17. Same; limit of debate in each House
# § 18. Same; parliamentary procedure at joint meeting
# § 19. Vacancy in offices of both President and Vice President; officers eligible to act
# § 20. Resignation or refusal of office
# § 21. Definitions

*: Office And Compensation Of President
*: Protection Of The President; United States Secret Service Uniformed Division
*: Delegation Of Functions
*: Extension Of Certain Rights And Protections To Presidential Offices

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* [http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title3/title3.html U.S. Code Title 3] , via United States Government Printing Office
* [http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode03/usc_sup_01_3.html Code Title 3] , via Cornell University

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