Forward kinematics

Forward kinematics

DOF robotic arm would use forward kinematics to determine the location of the gripper.]

Forward kinematics is computation of the position and orientation of robot's end effector as a function of its joint angles. It is widely used in robotics, computer games, and animation. The reverse process is known as inverse kinematics.

For a serial chain of "n" links, and let heta_i be the angle of link "i". Given heta_0 ... heta_n, the frame of link "n" relative to link 0 is:

:{}^{0}T_n = prod_{i=1}^n {}^{i - 1}T_i( heta_i)

Where {}^{i - 1}T_i( heta_i) is the transformation matrix from the frame of link i to link i-1. In robotics, these are conventionally described by Denavit-Hartenberg parameters cite web|url=|title=Robot Forward Kinematics|author=Learn About Robots|accessdate=2007-02-01] .


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