UFO sightings in Scotland

UFO sightings in Scotland

This is a list of alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects or UFOs in Scotland.


* It is claimed that unidentified silent craft were regularly seen by two school children in the coastal village of Muchalls, from 1971 onwards. These events are claimed to have continued night after night for many years. The phenomena are reputed to have continued at least until 1991 when some aspects of the apparitions were also filmed in the area. [cite web| last = Moir| first = TJ| title = Muchalls UFOs| url=http://www.angelfire.com/mo/muchalls/muchalls.html| accessdate = 2008-07-09]


* The hill is used mostly for forestry plantations, and it was here in 1979 that Bob Taylor, a forestry worker had an alleged encounter with a UFO in a clearing, which he claimed dragged him along the ground. Police were called in to investigate, and found odd marks and indentations on the ground, but these did not correspond exactly with Taylor's claim, and it has been said that they had been made there by other workers, who may have stored ladders and equipment on the site. It is, however, still considered one of the most significant "Close Encounters" on Scottish soil, and often referred to as "the Livingston Incident".


* Starting 1992, when James Walker noticed unidentified lights in the sky over Bonnybridge, the town became the scene of numerous UFO sightings. It forms part of the "Falkirk Triangle", an area stretching from Stirling to Fife and the outskirts of Edinburgh. UFO enthusiasts claim that Bonnybridge is the world's number one UFO location, with an average of around 300 sightings a year. [cite web| last = UFOencounters| first = | title = The Falkirk Triangle| url=http://www.ufoencounters.co.uk/TheFalkirkTriangle.html| accessdate = 2008-07-09]


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* [http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sighting_reports.pl?mode=latest_reports MUFON - Last 20 UFO Sightings and Pictures]
* [http://news.scotsman.com/ufos/Im-after-the-aliens-that.2578730.jp I'm after the aliens that beat up Bob] ; Gareth Edwards; "Edinburgh Evening News" published 9th November 2004 - Date retrieved 4th April 2008
* [http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qXHWDZiO9UI Interview with Robert Taylor and detectives investigating the case on YouTube.] as shown on the 10th episode of Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World, originally broadcast 4th November 1980

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