Must B 21

Must B 21
Must B 21
Studio album by
Released September 23, 2003
Recorded 2002-2003
Genre Hip hop
Length 48:37
Label Interscope/Columbia Records chronology
Lost Change
Must B 21
Songs About Girls
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
RapReviews 8.5/10 stars[1]

Must B 21 is the second studio album released by The Black Eyed Peas frontman The album was released on September 23, 2003. The album marked Adams' last release as a solo artist for over four years, until his third sophomore effort Songs About Girls was released in late 2007. The album was originally available on Vinyl only, but a CD release followed in December 2003. Track seventeen on the release, "Go!", was regularly used as the theme for the NBA Live 2005 and Madden NFL 2005 seasons. A video for the track was also recorded for use within the sports, however, no singles were released from the album. The artwork on the front cover was designed by Shepard Fairey. "I'm Ready" was later re-worked to become The Black Eyed Peas smash-hit "Let's Get Retarded".

Track listing

No. Title Producers Length
1. "Take It" (Feat. KRS-One)   2:49
2. "Nah Mean" (Feat. Phife)   3:48
3. "B Boyz" (Feat. MC Supernatural)   2:56
4. "Here To Party" (Feat. Flii, Planet Asia & Kron Don)   3:12
5. "Bomb Bomb" (Interlude)   0:23
6. "Bomb Bomb" (Feat. MC Supernatural)   3:25
7. "Swing By My Way" (Feat. John Legend)   3:49
8. "It's OK" (Feat. Triple Seven & Dante Santiago)   3:39
9. "Mash Out" (Interlude)   0:39
10. "Mash Out" (Feat. MC Lyte & Fergie)   3:09
11. "Ride Ride" (Feat. John Legend)   3:16
12. "Sumthin' Special" (Feat. Niu, Dante Santiago & Taboo)   3:55
13. "Sumthin' Special" (Interlude)   0:50
14. "I'm Ready (Y'All Ain't Ready For This)" (Feat. Tash & MC Supernatural)   3:40
15. "We Got Chu" (Feat. Planet Asia & Flii)   3:52
16. "Go!" (Interlude)   1:32
17. "Go!"     3:54


  • "Go" is only one of a few songs that appeared in the soundtrack for Madden NFL and NBA Live in the same year, appearing in NBA Live 2005 and Madden NFL 2005.


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