Freestyle slalom skating

Freestyle slalom skating
Freestyle skaters in action at Les Invalides, Paris.
A competitor competing in the IFSA finals.

Freestyle slalom skating is a highly technical field of skating that involves performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced cones. The most common spacing used in competitions is 80cm, with larger competitions also featuring lines spaced at 50cm and 120cm.[1]



Most freestyle slalomers use inline skates although some use quad skates. Those who use inline skates tend to use a full rocker wheel configuration, however there are variations of the rockers which are used. Some skaters prefer to use a 'full hi-lo' rocker, which means the largest wheel is the second in from the back, with the smallest at the front. A short frame (230–245 mm)is used to give them the maximum possible maneuverability. The inline skates are very tight with a very strong cuff, to give sustaining ankle support. Popular skates used to include the FSK skate range by Salomon, now unavailable, the market is now dominated arguably by Seba skates, formed by a world class slalom skater, and other brands such as Powerslide and RollerBlade.

List of slalom moves

The list of basic moves from easiest to hardest. There are many more moves than the ones shown in the list, and many variations on how to complete each move. The names of these moves may differ between countries. (Do not try these moves unless you are experienced with skating.) The best way to learn slalom is to watch someone else.


  • Forwards Parallel (Fish)
  • Forwards Monoline (Snake)
  • Forwards Criss-Cross
  • Alternating Forwards Cross
  • Double Cross
  • Forwards One Foot


  • Backwards Monoline (Snake)
  • Backwards Criss-Cross
  • Backwards Parallel
  • Backstab Criss-Cross
  • Forwards Heel-Toe Snake
  • Forwards Heel-Toe Criss-Cross
  • Forwards Toe-Toe Snake
  • Forwards Heel-Heel Snake
  • Swiss Monoline
  • Forwards Shifted Cross
  • Backwards Shifted Cross
  • Eagle
  • Eagle Cross (Independent)
  • Eagle Shifted Cross (Wave)
  • Eagle Royal
  • Eagle Royal Cross
  • Reverse Eagle
  • Reverse Eagle Criss-Cross
  • Reverse Eagle Shifted Cross
  • Fake Side-Surf


  • Crazy
  • Grapevine (Mabrouk)
  • Double Crazy
  • Double Crazy Back
  • Forwards Stroll
  • Backwards Stroll
  • Backwards One Foot
  • Chapi Chapo
  • X
  • X 2
  • X Jump (Crab Cross)
  • Nelson
  • Nelson Back
  • Nelson Transfer Back (X-Back)
  • Sun


  • Alternating Cross
  • Crazy Sun
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Volte
  • Wiper
  • Footspin
  • Special
  • Oliver
  • Brush


  • Rocket (Coffee Machine)
  • Backwards Rocket
  • Kasatchok
  • Toe Wheeling
  • Grabbed Toe Wheeling
  • Heel Wheeling
  • Grabbed Heel Wheeling
  • Screw
  • Swan


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  • Caroline Lejeune

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