Siren (disambiguation)

Siren (disambiguation)

The Sirens are figures in Greek mythology.

Siren may also refer to:



* Sirens (band)
* Alexander Brandon (b. 1974), American musician
* A rock band featuring Kevin Coyne


* "Sirens" (song), by Dizzee Rascal
* "The Siren" (song), by Nightwish
* "Sirens," a song by Angels & Airwaves on the album "I-Empire"
* "Siren," a song by Tori Amos on the soundtrack from the film "Great Expectations"


* "Siren" (Roxy Music album)
* "Siren" (Heather Nova album)
* "Sirens" (It Dies Today album)
* "Sirens" (Savatage album)
* "Sirens" (SJ Tucker album)
* "Sirens" (2003 album), by On The Might Of Princes
* "Siren", an album by Susumu Hirasawa

Other music

* "The Siren" (musical), a Broadway musical
* Siren FM, a radio station
* "Sirènes" ("Sirens"), a movement in the Debussy suite "Nocturnes"

Television and film

* "Sirens" (TV series)
* "Sirens" (film), a 1994 comedy-drama
* Siren ("Passions" character), a character in the soap opera "Passions"
* The Siren, a character on the TV series "Batman"

Other media and arts

* "Siren" (magazine)
* "Siren" (play)
* "Siren" (video game)
* "The Siren" (sculpture)
* Siren (DC Comics), a character in the DC Comics universe
* Siren ("Transformers"), a character in the "Transformers" universe
* Siren (band), a rock band active in the 1980s and 1990s from the Bradford area of West Yorkshire


* HMS "Siren", any of eight Royal Navy ships
* HMS "Syren", any of four Royal Navy ships
* "Sirene" (barque), a ship wrecked at Blackpool in 1892

Other meanings

* Siren (amphibian), a type of salamander
* Siren (noisemaker), a kind of auditory alarm such as used by an ambulance
* Siren, Wisconsin
* 1009 Sirene, an asteroid
* Sacramento Sirens, a woman's football team
* SS-N-9 Siren, a cruise missile
* Siren Sundby (born 1982), a Norwegian Olympic sailor
* Siren Codec, an audio codec
* "The Siren", an 1869 United States Supreme Court case
* "The Siren", an 1871 United States Supreme Court case

ee also

* Sirena (disambiguation)
* Sirenia, an order of aquatic mammals
* Sirene, a type of cheese
* Syrena, a model

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