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a bee
Gender Female
Word/Name Hebrew
Meaning Honey bee
Other names
Related names Deb, Debs, Debra, Deborah

Debbie (or Deb) is a fairly common given name, usually feminine, short for Deborah (or Debra) (which means "bee" in Hebrew) and is popular in most English-speaking countries. It reached its height of popularity in the United States in the 1970s.


Notable people

Fictional characters

  • Debbie Does Dallas
  • Debbie Downer, character on Saturday Night Live portrayed by Rachel Dratch
  • Debbie Dingle (portrayed by Charley Webb), a recurring character in the British soap opera, Emmerdale
  • Debbie Gallagher (portrayed by Rebecca Ryan), one of the lead characters in British television drama, Shameless
  • Debbie Dean (portrayed by Jodi Albert) character in long British show Hollyoaks

Songs about Debbie

  • "Debbie" by R. Stevie Moore from the album Everything You Always Wanted To Know About R. Stevie Moore But Were Afraid To Ask
  • "Debbie," one of two new songs, and the only single released, from the B-52s' 1998 compilation album Time Capsule: Songs for a Future Generation

In Israel

In its original Biblical form, "Dvora" (דבורה) is a common female name in contemporary Israel, including:

  • Dvora Baron, writer
  • Dvora Bartonov, musician
  • Dvora Ben-Shir, writer
  • Justice Dvora Berliner of the Israeli Supreme Court
  • Dvora Silverstein, writer

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