Coptic saints

Coptic saints
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Egypt was one of the first countries to know Christianity, with Saint Mark the Evangelist bringing Christianity to the country[1] around 55 AD.[2]

The Egyptian Christians, also known as the Copts, have produced thousands of saints, many of whom are recognised simultaneously in the Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Roman Catholic Church.

The following is not meant to be a complete list of Coptic (Egyptian) saints, rather a mere collection.



  • Pope Abraham the Syrian البابا ابرآم ابن زرعة السرياني
  • Pope Alexander البابا الكسندروس
  • Pope Anianus البابا انيانوس
  • Pope Athanasius the Apostolic البابا أثناسيوس الرسولي
  • Pope Cyril I the Pillar of Faith البابا كيرلس الأول عامود الدين
  • Pope Cyril VI البابا كيرلس السادس
  • Pope Demetrius البابا ديمتريوس الكرّام
  • Pope Dioscores البابا ديسقوروس
  • Pope Matthew البابا متاؤس
  • Pope Peter the Seal of the Martyrs البابا بطرس خاتم الشهداء


Monks and hermits

Soldiers and army officers

A Coptic icon of Saint Maurice

Other martyrs

Modern martyrs

Other saints

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