List of doughnut varieties

List of doughnut varieties

The following is a list of doughnut varieties.

Variations and specialties by region

* Argentina - Facturas, Kreppel (also called "tortas fritas", introduced by German immigrants), masas de confitería, medialunas (croissants)
* Armenia - Chickies, Ponchik, Tukalik
* Austria - Faschingskrapfen, Kiachl, Bauernkrapfen, Prugelkrapfen, Hauberlinge, Kniekiechl, Hobelscharten, Houwlschoatn, Schartelkrapfen, Schoadlkropfn, Funkenküechle, Schlipfkrapfen, Kaskrapfen, Schlutzkrapfen, Dirtln, Zillertal Krapfen, Gebackene Mäuse, Vanillekrapfen
* Australia - Cinnamon Donuts or Chocolate topped donuts can be found in almost any cafe, (also Savoury Donuts and Donut Burgers, see controversial doughnut section below)
* Azores - Filhós, Malasadas
* Belgium - Smoutebollen Oliebollen
* Bohemia - Listy
* Bolivia - Masitas
* Brazil - Sonho
* Bulgaria - Ponichki, Mekitsas
* Cameroon - Puffpuff
* Canada - Crullers, Timbits, Beaver tails, Potato Flour Doughnuts
* Chile - Berlines
* China - Tikoy, Zha Gao, Jin Doi, Chien Doi, Youtiao, Zhá Miàn Quān, (Cantonese) Yow ja guei, Gnou Lay Sou
* Colombia - Buñuelos, Roscas
* Corsica - Fritelli
* Croatia - Trijesce, Primoštenske fritule, Fritule, Istarski cukarini, Kroštule, Krafne, Krofna, Krafna
* Czech Republic - Kobliha or koblih (without a hole) usually filled with jam and dusted with sugar. This dessert is the main character of the fairy tale story "O Koblížkovi", which is known as "Kolobok" in Russia. Cheregi (this may be a Slovak-originated term or recipe, but it is also occasionally seen in the Czech Republic). Bavorský vdolek or Bavorský koblih (Bavarian donut) has jam and thick sour cream on top.
* Denmark - Basser
* Finland - Munkki (without a hole), Berliininmunkki/Piispanmunkki (no hole, sugar coating), Donitsi (with a hole), Munkkirinkilä
* France Beignet, Merveille Provence, Bugne
* Germany - Bismarck, Berliner (Berliner Pfannkuchen), Obst Krapfen, Fastnachts, Faschingskrapfen, Nougatkrapfen, Vanillekrapfen, Kreppel, Powidlkrapfen, Apfelkrapfen, Eierkuchen, in Lusatia Skalje (Sorbian)
* Greece - Svingi, Thiples, loukoumades, loukoumathes
* Hawaii - Malasadas, Punahou Malasadas
* Hungary - Csöröge, Fánk or (Bismarck Doughnuts) [June Meyers Authentic Hungarian Heirloon Recipes Cookbook] and Langos
* Iceland - Kleinuhringir, Kleinur, Kleina, Berlínarbollur, Asterbollur
* Indonesia - Donat Kentang (sweetened fried mashed potato)
* Ireland Gravy rings
* Israel - Sufganyot
* Italy - Struffoli, Guanti, (Assisi) Bastoncello, (Calabria) Scaddateddi, Zeppole Spignesi, Chiacchiere, Lattughe (this may not be classifiable as doughnut, but it is fried pastry, in a 'Lettuce' style) Cenci, Donzelle, Frappe, Sfrappole, Bugie, Crostoli, Fritole, Ciambelli (Cocullo, Abruzzi) Bomboloni
* Japan - Dango, Sata-andagi (Okinawa), Taiyaki (fish-shaped)
* Jersey - (Channel Islands) Jersey Wonders (Mèrvelles)
* Kazakhstan - Baursaki
* Kenya - Mandazi, Mahamri, Mandalas
* Korea - Garakjibbang
* Lebanon - Awami []
* Lithuania - Spurgos
* Madagascar Mofo Boule
* Malaysia Kuih Keria, Kuih Gelang, Kuih Tayar
* Mexico - Buñuelo, Churro, Sopapilla Dona
* Moldova Schlitzküchla (from German cuisine)
* Netherlands - Oliebollen, Bossche bollen, Poffertjes
* New Zealand - Cream-filled donut
* Nigeria - Puffpuff
* Norway - Hjorte Bakkels, Futimonbuckles, Fattigmann Bakkels, Smultring
* Paraguay Chipas
* Peru - Picarones, Dona
* Philippines - Bitso
* Poland - Pączki, Chruściki
* Portugal - Filhoses, Malasadas
* Romania - Gogoşi
* Russia - Ponchik
* Sardinia - Zippulas
* Scotland Doughrings (an alternative term for ring doughnuts) Fudge Doughnuts
* Serbia - Ustipci, Krofne
* Siberia - Kalachik
* Sicily - Pignolatti, Sfingi, Cuddureddi
* Slovakia - Sisky, Shisky, Ceregi
* Slovenia - Krofi, Fanke
* South Africa - Vetkoek, Oliebolle Met Suurmelk (Sourmilk Doughnuts), Koeksisters (twists)
* Spain - Churros, Porras, Chimeneas, Orange Roscos, Wine Roscos, Roscos de anis, Rosquillas de Ledesma, buñuelos, bimuelos, birmuelos, bermuelos, burmuelos, bunyols, Rosquillas listas de san Isidro, rosquito tonto, rosquilla tonta
* Sweden - Klenater
* Switzerland - Ringli, Basler Krapfen, Chüechli, Öhrli
* Syria - Zabeh
* Tunisia - Ftair
* Turkey - Hanim Göbeği, Tulumba Tatlisi, Izmir Lokmasi
* Turkish Cypriot - Lokma
* UK - Similar to North American doughnuts, but traditionally topped with granulated sugar rather than powdered sugar or glaze.
* Ukraine - Pampushky (sweet filling or garlic flavored)
* USA - Crullers, Vanities, Comfits, Fritters, Long Johns, Boston Cream Donuts, Potato Doughnuts, Simball, Olicook, Olykoecks, Bear Claws, Elephant Ears, Yum Yums, Fasnachts, 'Italian Croquembouche' (a 'pyramid of fried pastry balls'), Frying Saucers, Bear sign (cowboy slang for ring doughnuts) Brown Bobby (Brown Bobby is a significant contingent in the 'doughnut shape debate' because this variey is (uniquely?) a 'triangular toroid')
* Yemen - Zalabiya
* Yugoslavia - Prusurate

Controversial doughnut-related items

Doughnut-related items excluded from the above list on the grounds of controversy::::+: "doughnut-like feature(s)":::: "potentially excluding feature(s)"

* Australia - Savoury donut:
** +: made from ring of dough
** : not sweet, 'single source': Donut Delirium. They also make Donut Burgers, which might be excluded for similar reasons.
* France - Profiterole
** +: cream-filled hollow ball of sweet pastry
** : not usually fried, special thin non-doughnut-like (Choux) pastry, seen as being in a category of its own (similar issues apply to the chocolate eclair)
* India - Wada or Vadai
** +: made from ring of dough
** : savoury not sweet, made from lentils (so not really made from dough or pastry), not necessarily fried
* Malaysia - Kaya ball
** +: deep-fried ball of dough
** : coconut-containing kaya-dough would not necessarily be universally accepted as being 'dough'
* Scotland - Deep-fried Mars bar
** +: deep-fried sweet snack
** : unusual shape and absence of dough or other pastry. See also other "deep fried branded snacks", of which this may be the most notorious, like deep fried Twinkie, Snickers, Milky Way. Considering any of these to be included in the doughnut variety category might be controversial, although they certainly fit within the fried dough foods category.
* Switzerland (Zürich) - Malakoffs, also called Käseschnitte:
** +: made from dough
** : savoury not sweet (made from Gruyere cheese)
* USA - Bagel
** +: made from ring of dough
** : most varieties are savoury not sweet, not usually fried
* USA - Fudge puppy
** +: sweet fried dough
** : served as a 'combination item' composed of a split-open tubular 'eclair' of fried dough 'dressed' with ice cream, cream and chocolate sauce; also the dough/pastry is claimed to be 'waffle style', which does not put it in the same category as doughnuts
* USA - Funnel cake
** +: made from fried sweet dough
** : not shaped like a ball or ring

Not-so-controversial doughnut-related exclusions

There are no general claims that the following doughnut-related-items are 'kinds of doughnuts' although they are doughnut-like in two crucial senses: they are 'toroidal in shape' and are treated as being food and in some cases are (or can be) served fried, but are not commonly (and/or historically) explicitly described, referred to, and accepted (and/or, where appropriate, translated) as a doughnut, or type of doughnut

* Large ring-shaped cakes (although size-limits which differentiate these from doughnuts seem arbitrary)
* Fried squid rings (calamari) or any other food item whose shape is rendered into a toroidal shape by slicing it into sections (whether fried or not)
* Cheerios (and other toroid-shaped breakfast cereals, although it is conceivable that sufficiently small ring doughnuts could be packaged or consumed as a breakfast cereal)
* Hula Hoops (the branded snack and other similar types of branded snacks made out of extruded corn or potato paste)
* Jam Rings (and other toroid-shaped cookies or biscuits, although certain products described as cookies or biscuits can be prepared by being fried, so could conceivably be categorised as doughnuts)
* Pitted olives or any other food item (other than dough) whose shape is rendered into a toroidal shape by making a hole through it (whether fried or not)
* Onion rings
* Spaghetti hoops or other toroid-shaped pasta
* Ring-shaped terrines of pâté
* Pineapple rings (although ring-shaped pineapple fritters might potentially be more controversial)
* Polo mints
* Ring-shaped Pretzels
* 'Figure-of-eight-shaped' pretzels may also seem irrelevant to doughnuts, but because there exists a 'figure-of-eight-shaped' variety of doughnut (yum-yums, for instance are braided) then the sweet-flavoured figure of eight-shaped variety of large soft pretzels, especially if they were deep fried, could almost certainly be categorised as a type of doughnut.
* Tolko cheese rings

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* Fried dough foods

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