Grotesque (The X-Files)

Grotesque (The X-Files)

Infobox Television episode | Title = Grotesque

Caption =
Series = The X-Files
Season = 3
Episode = 14
Airdate = February 2, 1996 (Fox)
Production = 3x14
Guests = Kurtwood Smith as Agent Bill Patterson
Writer = Howard Gordon
Director = Kim Manners

Prev = Syzygy
Next = Piper Maru
"Grotesque" is the fourteenth episode of the third season of the television series "The X-Files". It deals with a demonic possession and Mulder's descent into the world of a gargoyle-obsessed killer. This episode won an Emmy Award for its cinematography by John Bartley. [cite web|url=|title=IMDB|accessdate=2007-07-08]


Agents Mulder and Scully join the FBI's chief criminal profiler - and Mulder's former mentor at the Violent Crimes Unit - to investigate the deaths of several men who had their faces slit open from mouth to ear. When the killer is arrested, he claims to be possessed by a demonic force. However his story is rejected as he spent several years in a mental asylum in his homeland of Uzbekistan. The case gets even more mysterious when the murders continue, despite the suspect being in prison. Mulder gets involved more deeply than expected, and Scully as well as Skinner are deeply concerned.


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