Syzygy (The X-Files)

Syzygy (The X-Files)

Infobox Television episode | Title = Syzygy

Caption =
Series = The X-Files
Season = 3
Episode = 13
Airdate = January 26, 1996 (Fox)
Production = 3x13
Guests = Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Detective White

Wendy Benson as Margi Kleinjan

Lisa Robin Kelly as Terri Roberts

Ryan Reynolds as Jay 'Boom' DeBoom
Writer = Chris Carter
Director = Rob Bowman

Prev = War of the Coprophages
Next = Grotesque
"Syzygy" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of television series "The X-Files". Agents Mulder and Scully visit a small town to investigate a series of bizarre deaths, mainly among high school teenagers. Evidence points to a Satanic cult. Moreover, people in this village, including Mulder and Scully, seem to be changed by the events — the weak and aggressive features of a person's character are turned inside out. Mulder drinks, Scully smokes and acts aggressively towards Mulder and she is jealous at the non-existent relationship between him and the female detective, and a peace-loving school director becomes leader of the mob. Eventually Mulder notices some coincidence with strange astrological phenomena, and two teenaged girls turn out to be main suspects as a consequence. Text taken from the "Syzygy" summary .


*A "Syzygy" is a planetary alignment.
*This episode established the popular phrase among The X-Files community, "Sure. Fine. Whatever."
*There are many references to this episode in ":"
**The game's lead character's name, Craig Willmore, was mentioned in the episode by two school girls.
**The name of the town, 'Comity' is also used in the game as the name for an inn, the Comity Inn.
**A Keystone Cops movie which is showing on all of the channels on Mulder and Scully's hotel room TV, is also shown on every TV in the episode.
*Live's hit song "All Over You" is being played during the birthday party scene.

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