List of walls

List of walls

This is a list of famous walls.

Classical, Biblical, Byzantine Antiquity & feudal era

* Anastasian Wall in Turkey
* Antonine Wall in Scotland, United Kingdom
* Aurelian Walls of Rome
* Ávila Walls, Spain
* Barcelona Walls, Spain
* Cairo great wall, Egypt
* Cheolli Jangseong, North Korea and China
* Chester city walls in England, United Kingdom
* The Great Wall of China, China; the longest man-made structure
* Walls of Constantinople in Turkey
* Erdene Zuu monastery wall in Mongolia
* Wall of Genghis Khan in Mongolia
* Roman "limes" in Upper Germania, Lower Germania and Rhaetia, Germany
* Great Wall of Gorgan in Iran
* Hadrian's Wall on the English-Scotland border, United Kingdom
* Jericho walls
* Jerusalem's Old City walls in Jerusalem, Israel
* Walls of Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan, India
* Kremlin Wall in Moscow, Russia
* London Wall in England, United Kingdom
* Roman Walls of Lugo, Spain
* Arabic Walls of Niebla, Spain
* Intramuros Walls, Manila, Philippines
* Offa's Dyke between England and Wales, United Kingdom
* Paczków defensive wall, Poland
* Long Walls linking the port of Piraeus to Athens, Greece
* Serpent's Wall, the ancient walls in Ukraine
* Servian Wall, in Rome
* Silesia Walls, Poland
* Trajan's Wall, in Dobruja, Romania
* Visby Ringwall, Gotland, Sweden
* Wansdyke, in western England, United Kingdom
* Wat's Dyke, between England and Wales
* Western Wall in Jerusalem (also called the "Wailing Wall", "Kotel HaMa'aravi", and "Al-Buraq Wall")
* York city walls in England, United Kingdom

Modern walls

* Atlantic Wall in France
* Basel City Walls in Basel, Switzerland
* Belfast Peace Lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
* Berlin Wall in Germany
* Border Wall (Western Sahara)
* Byker Wall in England, UK
* Communards' Wall in the Père Lachaise cemetery, in Paris, France
* Danevirke, Denmark
* Democracy Wall, in Beijing (1978-1979)
* Flodden wall, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
* Green Monster, Fenway Park, Boston
* Sections of the Israeli West Bank barrier, West Bank
* Lima City Walls in Lima, Peru
* Korean wall (alleged by DPRK), Korean Demilitarized Zone
* Lennon Wall in Prague
* Tsoi Wall in Arbat Street, Moscow
* Vietnam Veterans Memorial, often called the Wall
* Via Anelli Wall in Padua, Italy
* The Wall in SoHo, New York City
* Tortilla Wall in the USA-Mexico border.
* The Wall In Concert (theatrical) - While based on a figment of a main character's imagination, the concerts in the tour for the Pink Floyd album The Wall featured a real wall of giant cardboard bricks between the band and the audience which was constructed, completed, spoliated and finally destroyed during the course of each show.


see List of Egypt castles, forts, fortifications and city walls

ee also

* List of cities with defensive walls
* List of fortifications

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