Obock Region

Obock Region
Obock Region
Country  Djibouti
Capital Obock
 – Total 37,856

The Obock Region is one of the six Regions of Djibouti. The Region borders the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden to the east and south, Eritrea to the north, and the Tadjoura Region to the west.

Hundreds of salt lakes, some of them rather large, are located along the Obock Region's Red Sea coastline. The We'ima Wenz River forms part of the Obock-Eritrea border.

The capital of the Obock Region is Obock. Other major localities include Khor Angar and Daddato.

According to the 2009 Census, the population of the region was 37,856, with 16,370 of them nomads.

Coordinates: 11°58′N 43°18′E / 11.967°N 43.3°E / 11.967; 43.3

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