Diver or divers can refer to:



  • An English spelling of an Irish surname prevalent in Northern County Donegal, Ireland
  • Alfred Diver (1823–1876), English cricketer
  • Bridget Diver, watch guard in the American Civil War
  • Colin Diver, president of Reed College in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Danny Diver, former manager of East Stirlingshire Football CLub
  • Joe Diver, Irish Gaelic footballer who plays for Derry
  • Stuart Diver, ski instructor, sole survivor of the 1997 Thredbo landslide
  • Teri Diver (1971–2001), American porn star and director
  • William Diver (1921–1995), founder of the Columbia School of Linguistics
  • Edward Divers (1837–1912), British chemist

Other uses

  • V-1 flying bomb, code named "diver" by the British World War II armed forces
    • Operation Diver, the British countermeasures against the German V-1 flying bomb campaign
  • Diver (Transformers), several characters in the Transformers universe
  • Diver (vinyl), a 7" song album by A Wilhelm Scream, released in early 2006
  • divers, an old adjective meaning "many, various".
    • Divers hands, an archaic phrase used to say that a project has been contributed to by many people
  • As an automatic translation of Dutch duiker, which can also mean the small antelope called a duiker

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