The Victor (comics)

The Victor (comics)

"The Victor Book for Boys", also known by the nickname "The Victor", was a British comic paper published weekly by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. The Victor ran for 1657 issues from 25 January 1961 until it ceased publication on 21 November 1992.

The Victor was a story paper in comic book format. It featured many stories that could be described as "Boy's Own" adventures. In particular, each week the front cover carried a story of how a medal had been won by British or Commonwealth forces during the Great War or the Second World War.

Notable characters

* Alf Tupper - "The Tough of the Track"
* I Flew With Braddock - "Into Battle With Matt Braddock"
* Morgyn the Mighty - "Master of Black Island"
* Gorgeous Gus
* Joe Bones the Human Fly
* Figaro - an overweight, bumbling Mexican bandit
* Hammer Man - Chell Puddock, an English medieval knight who wielded a hammer instead of a sword
* Gerald Cadman- A cowardly British officer who, through the efforts of his batman, always came out smelling of roses.

See also

* List of DC Thomson publications

External links

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* [ An amateur website about The Victor and The Hornet comics, featuring characters, reviews, strips.]

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