Kings of Svitjod

Kings of Svitjod

List of the Kings of Svitjod (Svithjod)

Svitjod was one of the old names for Sweden, a name still used for the country by the Icelanders. This is a list of the mythological, semi-legendary and historical kings and rulers of Svitjod before the Kalmar Union:

Kings before the Ynglings


House of Ynglings/Scylfings

*Fjölnir (end of 1st c. B.C., according to Grottisongr)
*Dag the Wise/Dagr Spaka
*Erik and Alrik
*Yngvi and Alf
*Aun, Halfdan and Ale the Strong (4th and 5th c.)
*Egil(or Ongentheow) (late 5th c. - early 6th c.)
*Ottar (Ohthere) (early 6th c.)
*Ale (Onela) (early 6th c.)
*Adils (Eadgils) (ca 530-ca 575)
*Östen (late 6th c.)
*Sölve (late 6th c.)
*Ingvar (late 6th c.)
*Anund (early 7th c.)
*Ingjald (mid 7th c.)

House of Skjöldung (Scylding) and of Ragnar Lodbrok

*Ivar Vidfamne (ca 655-ca 695)
*Harald Hildetand (ca 705-750)
*Randver (early 8th c.)
*Sigurd Ring (ca 750 (sole ruler)-ca 770)
*Ragnar Lodbrok (ca 770-ca 785)
*Östen Beli (late 8th c.)

House of Munsö

The names within parentheses are kings that are not mentioned in the recital of Swedish kings in Hervarar saga.

*Björn Ironside (late 8th c. - early 9th c.)
*(Erik Weatherhat?)
*Refil (early 9th c.)
*Erik Björnsson (early 9th c.)
*Erik Refilsson (early 9th c.)
*Björn at Hauge or Björn på Håga (ca 829-ca 831) and Anund Uppsale.
*(Olof, mid 9th c.)
*Erik Anundsson (Erik Emundsson or Erik Weatherhat?, mid 9th c.)
*(Ring, ca 910- ca 940)
*(Erik Ringsson, ca 940- ca 950)
*(Emund Eriksson, mid 10th c.)
*Björn (III) Eriksson (second half of the 10th c.)
*Eric the Victorious (985 - 995) and Olof (II) Björnsson (second half of the 10th c.)
* 995-1022 : Olof of Sweden ("Olof Skötkonung")
*1022-1050 : Anund Jacob ("Anund Jakob") and Canute
*1050-1060 : Emund the Old ("Emund den gamle")

The House of Stenkil

*1060-1066 : Stenkil ("Stenkil Ragnvaldsson")
*1066-1067 : Eric VII of Sweden ("Erik (VII) Stenkilsson")
*1066-1067 : Eric VIII of Sweden ("Erik (VIII) Hedningen")
*1067-1070 : Halsten Stenkilsson ("Halsten")
*1070-1079 : Håkan the Red ("Håkan Röde")
*1079-1084 : Ingold I ("Inge (I) den äldre")
*1084-1087 : Blot-Sweyn ("Blot-Sven")
*1087-1105 : Ingold I ("Inge (I) den äldre")
*1105-1118 : Philip Halsten ("Filip Halsten")
*1105-1125 : Ingold II ("Inge (II) den yngre")
*1125-1130 : Magnus the Strong ("Magnus den Starke Nilsson")

The Houses of Sverker and of Erik

*1130-1156 : Sverker I of Sweden ("Sverker den äldre") - The House of Sverker
*1156-1160 : Eric the Saint ("Erik den helige") - The House of Eric
*1160-1167 : Charles VII of Sweden ("Karl Sverkersson") - The House of Sverker
*1167-1195 : Canute I of Sweden ("Knut Eriksson") - The House of Eric
*1196-1208 : Sverker II of Sweden ("Sverker den yngre") - The House of Sverker
*1208-1216 : Eric X of Sweden ("Erik Knutsson") - The House of Eric
*1216-1222 : John I of Sweden ("Johan Sverkersson") - The House of Sverker
*1222-1229 : Eric XI of Sweden ("Erik Eriksson") - The House of Eric
*1229-1234 : Canute II of Sweden ("Knut Långe")
*1234-1250 : Eric XII of Sweden ("Erik Eriksson") - The House of Eric

The House of Folkung

*1250-1275 : Valdemar I of Sweden ("Valdemar Birgersson")
*1275-1290 : Magnus III of Sweden ("Magnus Ladulås")
*1290-1318 : Birger of Sweden ("Birger Magnusson")
*1319-1364 : Magnus II of Sweden ("Magnus Eriksson")
*1363-1395 : Albert of Mecklenburg ("Albrekt av Mecklenburg")

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