Bear (disambiguation)

Bear (disambiguation)

A bear is a large mammal in the family Ursidae of the order Carnivora.

Bear may also refer to:
* Bear (ship), a famous exploration ship
* Bear (gay slang), a subculture of the gay community consisting primarily of large, hairy, and usually bearded men
* "Bear market", one of several market trends referring to a cyclical downturn in a stock market
* Tupolev Tu-95, a Soviet bomber aircraft given the NATO reporting name "Bear"


* Bear Island (disambiguation page)
* Bear, Delaware, an unincorporated community in the United States
* Bears (Friesland), a village in the Netherlands.


* The Bears (band), a band featuring Adrian Belew
*Mostly Bears, an experimental rock group from Tucson, Arizona
*Minus the Bear, an alternative band from the Seattle area
*The Bear (album), an album from rock band Element Eighty


* The Bear (film), also known as "L'Ours", a 1988 film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
* The Bear (feature film), a 1984 movie directed by Richard C. Sarafian
* Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, a Walt Disney cartoon from the 1980s


* The Bear (novella), a novella by William Faulkner
* Bear/D7101, a character from "The Railway Series" books by the Rev. W. Awdry
* Bear (comic book), an alternative comic book by Jamie Smart
* The Bear (opera), an opera by William Walton
* The Bear (fairy tale)
* The Bear, a play by Anton Chekhov
* Bear (novel), a novel by Marian Engel


* Bear Inn, a popular name for British public houses
** Bear Inn, Oxford a particularly historic British public house
* Bear Stearns, a global investment bank and securities trading and brokerage firm
* CKQB-FM, a radio station in Ottawa whose on-air brand name is "The Bear"
* CFBR-FM, a radio station in Edmonton, Alberta with the brand name "The Bear"
* WBYR-FM, a radio station in Fort Wayne, Indiana with the brand name "The Bear"
* KQBR-FM, a radio station in Lubbock, Texas whose brand name is "The Bear"
* WBRW-FM, a radio station in Blacksburg, Virginia with the brand name "The Bear"
* Bear Archery

ports teams

* Alberta Golden Bears, the men's teams at the University of Alberta
* Baylor Bears, sports teams of Baylor University
* Brisbane Bears, former Australian Rules Football team
* California Golden Bears, sports teams of the University of California, Berkeley
* Central Arkansas Bears, the men's teams of the University of Central Arkansas
* Chicago Bears, an American football team
* La New Bears, Taiwanese baseball team
* Missouri State Bears, sports teams of the Missouri State University
* North Sydney Bears, Australian rugby league team
* NYIT Bears, the sports teams of the New York Institute of Technology
* University of Northern Colorado athletics
* Sheffield Bears IHC, the ice hockey club of the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, UK


* Albert I, Margrave of Brandenburg, also known as "Albert the Bear"
* Elizabeth Bear, an American Speculative Fiction author
* Glecia Bear, (b. 1912), Cree author
* Greg Bear, an American science fiction author
* Bear Cut Ear, a chief of the Crow tribe
* Bear Hunter (d.1863), a Shoshone chief
* Bear's Rib, a Hunkpapa Sioux chief
* Bear Bryant, an American college football coach
* Bear Grylls, youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest
* Big Bear (1825-1888), Cree leader
* Blackbear Bosin (1921-1980), a Comanche-Kiowa artist and painter
* Conquering Bear (d.1854), a Brulé Sioux leader
* Crazy Bear (Assiniboine chief), an Assiniboine chief
* Encouraging Bear, Oglala Lakota medicine man and spiritual adviser to Crazy Horse
* George Halas, founder of the Chicago Bears, known as "Papa Bear"
* Hollow Horn Bear (c.1850–1913), a Brulé Sioux leader
* Kicking Bear (1846–1904), a Lakota chief
* Medicine Grizzlybear Lake, a Native American writer
* Lean Bear (1813–1864), a Cheyenne chief
* Danny Little Bear (1926-1991), American professional wrestler
* Mato-tope (c.1795–1837), chief of the Mandan tribe, also known as "Four Bears"
* Bear McCreary, a classically trained musician and composer known for his work on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica
* Satanta (White Bear) (d.1878), a Kiowa war leader who was also known as "White Bear"
* Sitting Bear (c.1830–1871), a Kiowa warrior and medicine man
* Standing Bear (c.1834–1908), a chief of the Ponca tribe
* Owsley Stanley, nicknamed "Bear", the largest LSD manufacturer of the 1960s and soundman for the Grateful Dead
* Ten Bears (1792-1873), a Comanche leader
* Cameron White, Australian cricketer nicknamed "Bear"
* Bernie Whitebear (1937-2000), a Native American activist
* Andrew John Yellowbear Jr. (b.1974), American murderer
* Yonaguska (d.1839), a Cherokee leader also known as "Drowning Bear"
* Ray Young Bear, a Meskwaki poet


* BEAR (cipher), a block cipher designed by Ross Anderson and Eli Biham
* "BEAR", a particle beam weapon developed as part of the Strategic Defense Initiative
* "BEAR", Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot, from Vecna Technologies

Other uses

* Bear, a rank in Cub Scouting (Boy Scouts of America)
* Microsoft Bear, an unofficial mascot hidden in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95
* Bear (.hack), a fictional character from the multimedia franchise ".hack".

ee also

* Bär
* Baer
* Bear Brook (disambiguation)
* Bear Creek (disambiguation)
* Big Bear (disambiguation)
* Celebrity bears
* List of fictional bears
* List of historical bears

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