Keep Off

Keep Off

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director = Maria Peters
producer =
writer = Maria Peters Carry Slee
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starring = Sem Veeger nlil|Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen
music =
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distributor =
released = October 5, 2006
runtime = 100 min.
country = Netherlands
language = Dutch
budget =
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imdb_id = 0826027

"Keep Off" ( _nl. Afblijven) is a 2006 Dutch children's film, based on the children's novel "Afblijven" by Carry Slee. Keep Off is a film about a girl, Melissa, about 14, who likes hiphop dance very much. But her father is very strict and she makes up that she takes classical-ballet lessons. Melissa's biggest wish is to be a famous dancer. When she gets the chance to do an audition for a videoclip of Brainpower, she is very nervous. She meets a boy named Jim, who gives her XTC. Her audition is fantastic and she is chosen to dance in Brainpower's videoclip. But she can't dance without XTC anymore and starts to use more and more. Her friends Jordi and Fleur try to stop her, but it doesn't help. When they film the videoclip, Melissa dances very bad, because she didn't take XTC, and she runs away. After a while, Melissa and Jim get a quarrel, and a day after that, Melissa disappears. Jordi tries to find her. Then he gets a call from Melissa: she says him to tell her parents she's fine, and that she's going to 'house' tonight. Then, suddenly, she stops te call. Jordi is really worried. But then he notices a poster, with the announcement of a Houseparty that night. Jordi goes to the Houseparty, but it's gone wrong there. The XTC was poisoned and Jordi sees Melissa, lying in an ambulance. Her situation is critical, and Jordi thinks she's going to die. When he is allowed to visit her, she's in coma. He speaks to her, and she wakes up. Jordi is really happy, but he has still something to do. With Jordi's help, the police can arrest Jim, and it turns out he has given the bad XTC pills to Melissa. At the end, Melissa wants to hug Jordi, but he pushes her away. Then she says: 'I can't stop this'. Jordi says: 'Well, that's too bad for you'. Melissa thinks Jordi doesn't want to be friends after all what happened, but then he smiles and says: 'I also can't'. When they kiss, you can see the videoclip being showed at the TV's in the TV-store behind them.

The film received a Golden Film (100,000 visitors).


*Sem Veeger - Melissa
*Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen - Jordi
*Melody Klaver - Debby
*Jim Bakkum - Toine
*Juliann Ubbergen - Kevin
*Tessa Schram - Fleur
*Tommie Venneker - Jim
*Gijs Scholten van Aschat - father of Melissa
*Loes Wouterson - mother of Melissa
*Thijs Römer - Guido (video clip director)
*Brainpower - himself
*Anneke Blok - mother of Jordi
*Geert Lageveen - father of Jordi
*Plien van Bennekom - Miss Zuurbier (German teacher)
*Tjebbo Gerritsma - grandmother of Melissa
*Stefan de Walle - policeman
*Michiel Romeyn - boss of Jordi
*Carry Slee - bus passenger
*Giovanni Kemper - dancer of the danceschool of Melissa

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* [ Official website] nl icon
*imdb title|id=0826027|label=Afblijven

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