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Businesses and organizations

* Consolidated Contractors Company, a large Middle Eastern and International EPC Contractor
* Canterbury of New Zealand, a New Zealand-based sports apparel company
* Center for community change, one of the larger community building organizations in the United States
* Clear Channel Communications, a media company based in the United States of America
* The Coca-Cola Company, the world's largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups
* Color Climax Corporation, a Danish pornography company
* Cwmni Cyfyngedig Cyhioeddus, a Welsh form of public limited company
* Compressor Controls Corporation

Conservation organizations

* California Conservation Corps, a state agency modeled after the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s
* Cetacean Conservation Center, a Chilean organization dedicated to the conservation of cetaceans and other marine mammals that inhabit the coastal waters of Chile
* Civilian Conservation Corps, a work relief program for young men established in March 1933 during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first hundred days in office
* Convert Client by Contact, Name of Person (mainly girls working in Advertising agencies) who's duty is to offer and persuade client to try new product instead of old one.

In Christianity

* Campus Crusade for Christ, an interdenominational Christian organization
* Canadian Council of Churches, an ecumenical Christian forum of churches in Canada
* "Catechism of the Catholic Church", an official exposition of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church
* China Christian Council, a pro-government Christian organization in the People's Republic of China
* Christian City Churches, an evangelical, pentecostal church movement founded by Pastors Phil Pringle and Chris Pringle
* Christian Cultural Center, a New York City based megachurch pastored by Dr. A.R. Bernard.
* Colorado Community Church, a nondenominational church in Denver, Colorado
* Community Christian College, a two-year college based in Redlands, California

In education

* California Community Colleges system, combined districts of California's community colleges
* Camden County College, a community college in Camden County, New Jersey
* Canadian computing competition, a national programming competition for secondary school students in Canada
* Cascadia Community College, a community college located in the city of Bothell, Washington
* Castleknock Community College, a public secondary school in Carpenterstown, Dublin, Ireland
* Cayuga Community College, a two year SUNY college in Cayuga County, New York
* Center for Computational Chemistry, a research center in the department of Chemistry at the University of Georgia
* Central Coast Campuses, three education campuses on the Central Coast of New South Wales
* Central Commerce Collegiate, a high school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
* Chemeketa Community College, a community college located in Salem, Oregon
* Chessington Community College, a local secondary school and sixth form college in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
* City Colleges of Chicago, a system of seven community colleges which provide learning opportunities for Chicago residents
* Clackamas Community College, a community college located in Oregon City, Oregon
* Cleveland Community College, a community college located in Shelby, North Carolina
* Clinton Community College, Iowa, an NCA accredited community college in Clinton, Iowa
* Clovis Community College, a higher education institution offering instruction at the associates degree level
* Coconino Community College, a community college in Flagstaff, Arizona.
* Compton Community College, a community college near Los Angeles, California
* Cooloola Christian College, a Christian school in Gympie, Queensland
* Corning Community College, a two-year college
* Corpus Christi College (disambiguation), the name of several colleges
* Cumberland County College, a community college in Cumberland County, New Jersey
* Cuyahoga Community College, a two-year college in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

In law

* China Compulsory Certificate, a compulsory safety mark for many products sold on the Chinese market
* Civil Constitution of the Clergy, a law
* Constitutio Criminalis Carolina, the first body of German criminal law
* Convention on Cybercrime by the Council of Europe
* Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia
* Copyright Clearance Center, a not-for-profit U.S. company based in Danvers, Massachusetts
* Criminal Code of Canada, criminal law

=Civil authorities=

* Cambridge City Council (disambiguation)
* Cardiff City Council, the governing body for Cardiff
* Carmarthenshire County Council, the administrative authority for the county of Carmarthenshire, Wales
* Casino Control Commission, a variation of a Gaming Control Board
* Central Communications Command, the command-and-control system for London's police services
* Chittagong City Corporation, a self-governing organisation which governs the municipal areas of Chittagong and some adjoining areas of south-eastern Bangladesh
* Corruption and Crime Commission, Western Australia

In music

* "Candy Cane Children", a single by The White Stripes
* The Color Changin' Click, a rap group which was started by rapper Chamillionaire
* Canadian Chamber Choir, a national choral ensemble that provides a professional choral environment for Canadian singers, conductors and composers.

In science and technology

* Climatic Climax Community, a biological community of plants and animals which has reached a steady state
* Command, control, and communications, a concept in military doctrine
* Current-carrying capacity, see ampacity

In electronics

* Catalyst Control Center, control panel for ATI Catalyst drivers
* Chaos Computer Club, one of the biggest and most influential hacker organisations
** Chaos Communication Congress, an annual meeting of computer hackers organized by the Chaos Computer Club
** Chaos Communication Camp, an irregular international meeting of hackers organized by the Chaos Computer Club
* Corsham Computer Centre, an underground British government installation near RAF Corsham and RAF Rudloe Manor in the heavily-tunneled Corsham area of Wiltshire
* Cray Computer Corporation, a defunct computer company
* Cryogenic current comparator, a piece of electronic test equipment

In mathematics

* Cartesian closed category, a concept in category theory
* CCC (Roman numerals), the number three hundred
* Countable chain condition, a condition in order theory
* Cube-connected cycles, a graph used as a communications network topology

In medicine

* Convenient Care Clinic, a health care clinic located in neighborhoods
* Coricidin Cold and Cough, an OTC cold medication that contains dextromethorphan hydrobromide and CPM an antihistamine
* Certificate of Clinical Competence

In politics

* Climate Change Coalition, an Australian political party
* Communist Combatant Cells, a Belgian terrorist organization committed to a Left Communist ideology
* Communist Committee of Cabinda, a separatist group in the Cabinda exclave of Angola
* Council of Conservative Citizens, an American paleoconservative white separatist political organization
* Customs Cooperation Council, an intergovernmental organization that helps Members communicate and cooperate on customs issues

In sports

* Canterbury of New Zealand, a sportswear company, where "CCC" appears in the company logo
* Cardiff Canoe Club, the primary canoe club in Cardiff, Wales
* Central Connecticut Conference, an interscholastic athletic conference in the Greater Hartford region of Connecticut, United States
* Charlottetown Civic Centre, an indoor ice hockey venue in Canada
* CONCACAF Champions' Cup, the annual international football competition held in the CONCACAF region
* County cricket club, any of the clubs participating in the County Championship or the Minor Counties Championship
* Coca Cola Championship, the second division of football in England


* California Correctional Center, a state prison in the United States
* Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, an American student organization
* Canadian Commercial Corporation, a Canadian corporation responsible for facilitating international contracts
* "Capcom Classics Collection", a compilation of arcade games for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox
* Carly Colón, also known as Carlito Caribbean Cool, a Puerto Rican professional wrestler
* Cash conversion cycle, a business and accounting concept
* Crescent City Connection, twin cantilever bridges
* The Crooked Codpiece Company, a professional theatre company in Lincoln, Nebraska
* Jardines del Rey Airport, IATA code for Cuban airport
* Communist Combatant Cells a Belgian terrorist organization from the 1980s
* Certified Chef de Cuisine, a professional title
* Canada's Capital Cappies, the Critics and Awards Program in Ottawa, ON, Canada

ee also

* C3

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