Dmitry Malikov

Dmitry Malikov
Dmitry Malikov

Dmitry Malikov, 24 April 2007
Background information
Birth name Dmitry Yurievich Malikov
Born 29 January 1970 (1970-01-29) (age 41)
Origin Moscow, Russia
Genres Europop
Occupations Singer, composer, record producer
Instruments Vocals, Piano
Years active 1985–present

Dmitry Yurievich Malikov (Russian: Дмитрий Юрьевич Маликов) (born 29 January 1970) is a Russian composer, singer and recently a record producer. He was also an actor in one movie.


Early life

Dmitry Malikov, who goes by his nickname Dima (Дима), was born in Moscow, Soviet Union. His mother, Lyudmila Mikhailovna Vyunkova, was a dancer, and his father, Yuriy Fedorovich Malikov (Юрий Федорович Маликов), was part of a band called Samotsvety (Самоцветы). This combination of parental talent had a large influence in his becoming a musician. In the early '70's, Samotsvety became one of the most popular groups in Russia, selling several million records. His younger sister, Inna Malikova (Инна Маликова), is also a recording artist.

School and Childhood

As his father was often on tour, Malikov was brought up by his grandparents. Malikov's first school was a musical school, which he started at age 5. In 1977 he started grade school, where his teachers, who knew nothing of his parents, considered him an orphan. He got good grades and, although not perfect, was a model student, much to the misfortune of his younger sister, Inna, who was often compared to him in school.

Malikov formed his first band with his best friend, Vovka Presnyakov. Malikov played piano, while Presnyakov played drums. His first public performances were as a pianist in school. Once he finished eighth grade in 1985, Malikov was accepted at the Merzlyakov School of Music. Malikov's songs were now being performed with Samotsveti, where Malikov played the piano. It was in 1989 that he graduated from Merzlyakov. Malikov enrolled in the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory to continue with his musical studies.


In 1985, Malikov performed two songs at the Soundtrack Concert (звуковая дорожка / Zvukovaya Dorozhka) organized by the popular Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets(Московский Комсомолец), which was his first major performance. He was a big hit with the audience and soon after the concert his songs hit the charts. In 1989, he performed the song "Until Tomorrow" (До завтра / Do Zavtra), which was his first huge success. He also played at a pop music festival in Poland. Later that year, he signed a ten-year contract.

In 1994, Malikov released his first album, Until Tomorrow (До завтра / Do Zavtra), which had been released twice previously, once in 1993 as With You (С тобой / S Toboj) and in 1992, as Searching Soul (Поиски Души / Poiski Dusha). This was a compilation of his early hits, and the albums were nearly identical. He also released a second album in 1994, titled Come to Me (Иди ко мне / Idi Ko Mne). In 1996, Malikov released an album called Fear of Flying (Страх полета / Strah Polyeta). This was an experimental, instrumental album in the New Age vein, which turned out more successful than anticipated.

The 1998 release of My Distant Star (Звезда моя далекая / Zvezda Moya Dalokaya) saw one of his most successful singles, "You're the Only One" (Ты одна, ты такая / Ti Odna, Ti Takaya). In the video his image changed drastically, appearing with much shorter hair than previously seen, in nothing but his underwear, with a bottle of whiskey and a cigarette. His new image attracted media attention, and the album spent a significant amount of time in the Russian charts.

2000's Beads (Бисер / Biser) continued Malikov's progression as an artist, with the inclusion of several hard-hitting tracks (including the title track) favoring harder synth sounds. A first for Malikov was two sampled/remixed versions of his own songs: one from the same album, morphed into a full-on club mix; another from his prior album, My Distant Star.

A compilation of instrumentals, 2001's Game (Игра / Igra), showcased Malikov's creativity. The album contained many ethereal arrangements reminiscent of Fear of Flying. While all songs showcased his pianistic prowess, one in particular, "Wanderer" (Странник / Strannik) ends with a chilling classical climax. Perhaps the most innovative song is the 1955 standard, "Moscow Nights" (Подмосковные вечера / Podmoskovnye Vechera), backed by jazz drums and a chorus of crickets chirping in time.

2002 saw a return to Malikov's thoroughly-enjoyable pop songwriting with Love Story. A surprise at the end is a sampled/mixed dance/rap version of his early hit, "You're the Only One".


In 2006 Malikov has brought to life Pianomania (PIANOMANIЯ) – a mixture of instrumental music, dance shows and colorful performances. Being an absolutely new genre for Russia, Pianomania combined traditions of Russian classical music and ethnic culture in a modern adaptation. Many artists and musicians were involved in the preparations. The TV premiere in 2007 was very successful and was shown on many Russian TV-stations. The official Pianomania CD was published in March and had more than 100 000 sold copies. Live concerts in Moscow Operetta Theater in April and December were a big success, the house was sold out.

PIANOMANIЯ has been a new demonstration of Malikov's versatile talent. Dmitry Malikov is composing soundtracks for several movies and collaborating with numerous modern composers. In September 2011 Malikov will be a special guest at the world famous Michael Nyman’s concert in Moscow.


  • Meritorious Artist (Deserved Artist) of Russia (Заслуженный артист России) (22 November 1999)
  • World's Best-Selling Recording Artist of the Year category - World Music Awards (1995)
  • People's Gold Grammophone (народной "Золотой граммофон") - Russian Radio (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999)
  • Hundred-Percent Hit (Стопудовый хит) - Хит-FM (1998, 1999, 2000)[1]


Album Track Listing Release date
Love Story
  1. Love Story
  2. 100 поцелуев
  3. Птицелов
  4. Шепотом
  5. Два слова (Two Words)
  6. Кто тебе сказал (Who Told You)
  7. Черный дрозд и белый аист
  8. Грех (Sin)
  9. Волки (Wolves)
  10. Сатиновые берега
  11. Ты одна, ты такая (Д. Маликов + Банда Андрюха)
  12. Птицелов (Dj Shuri Remix)
  13. Шепотом (slowly version)

Игра (Igra)

  1. Желаю тебе
  2. Летний дождь
  3. Ещё, ещё (More, More)
  4. Тёмная ночь
  5. Не отрекаются, любя
  6. Спасибо, родная
  7. Подмосковные вечера
  8. Я тебя никогда не забуду (I will Never Forget You)
  9. До свидания, Москва (Goodbye Moscow)
  10. Странник (Wanderer)
  11. На Тихорецкую
  12. Желаю тебе (remix)

Бисер (Biser)

  1. Зови - не зови
  2. Если я останусь один
  3. Бисер (Beads)
  4. Она
  5. Он один
  6. Апрель (April)
  7. С днем рождения, мама (Happy Birthday, Mom)
  8. До утра (Until Morning)
  9. Зимушка (Winter)
  10. Две ладони (Two Palms)
  11. На полночных бульварах (On the Midnight Avenues)
  12. Если я останусь один (If I Remain Alone)
My Distant Star

Звезда моя далекая (Zvezda Moya Dalokaya)

  1. Ты одна, ты такая (You're the Only One)
  2. Звезда моя далекая (My Distant Star)
  3. На полночных бульварах
  4. Этой ночью
  5. После бала
  6. Бумажный змей
  7. Краденое счастье (дуэт с Н. Королёвой)
  8. Не плачь (Don't cry)
  9. Сюзанна (Suzanna)
  10. Дело вкуса
  11. Еще, еще (More, More)
  12. Звезда моя далекая (remix)
Fear of Flying

Страх полета (Strah Polyeta)

  1. Intro
  2. Лола (Lola)
  3. Страх полёта (Fear of Flying)
  4. Virtuoso Misterioso
  5. Дельфины (Dolphins)
  6. Тарантино твист (Tarantino Twist)
  7. Рикошет (Ricochet)
  8. Пиано - Мания (Piano Mania)
  9. Алтай (Altai)
  10. Одной ногой в раю
  11. Finita La Comedia
100 Nights

100 ночей (Sto Nochey)

  1. Ты не прячь улыбку (Don't Hide Your Smile)
  2. Выпью до дна
  3. Прощай, моя блондинка
  4. 100 ночей (100 Nights)
  5. Перекресток
  6. Чужое счастье
  7. Золотой рассвет
  8. Блеск холодных глаз
  9. Дорога к счастью
  10. Если б ты танцевала
  11. Изумрудный город
  12. Средь неба и земли
Come to Me

Иди ко мне (Idi ko Mne)

  1. Ты меня никогда не любила (You Never Loved Me)
  2. Понимаешь (Understand)
  3. Иди ко мне (Come to Me)
  4. Попробуй изменить (Try to Change)
  5. Письмо в альбом (Silently)
  6. Сделай потише
  7. Небо голубое (The Blue Sky)
  8. Нет, ты не для меня (No, You're Not for Me)
  9. Вальсок
  10. Каравай (A Loaf)
  11. Осенняя звезда (An Autumn Star) duet with L. Dolinoy
Until Tomorrow

До завтра (Do Zavtra)

  1. До Завтра (Until Tomorrow)
  2. Сторона Родная (The Native Party)
  3. Студент (The Student)
  4. Ты Моей Никогда Не Будешь (You Will Never be Mine)
  5. Спой Мне (Sing to Me)
  6. Ты Меня Никогда Не Любила (You Never Loved Me)
  7. Бедное Сердце
  8. Золотые Косы
  9. Все Вернется (All Will Return)
  10. Возрождение (Revival)
  11. Брачный Кортеж (Wedding Train)
  12. Лунный Сон (Lunar Dream)
  13. Еще Не Поздно
  14. С Тобой (With You)
  15. Смятение (Confusion)
With You

С тобой (S Toboj)

  1. С тобой (With You)
  2. Еще не поздно
  3. Cтудент (Student)
  4. Ты моей никогда не будешь
  5. Спой мне
  6. Ты меня никогда не любила(You Never Loved Me)
  7. Бедное сердце
  8. Золотые косы
  9. Все вернется
  10. Возрождение
  11. Брачный кортеж
  12. Лунный сон
  13. Сторона родная
  14. До завтра (Until Tomorrow)
  15. Смятение

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