Rehydration is the replenishment of water, or water and electrolytes, lost through dehydration.

In humans, methods of rehydration include oral rehydration therapy or intravenous therapy. As oral rehydration is less painful, less invasive, less expensive, and easier to provide, it is the treatment of choice for mild dehydration. Because severe dehydration can rapidly cause permanent injury or even death, intravenous rehydration is the initial treatment of choice for that condition.Fact|date=January 2008 Solutions used for intravenous rehydration must be isotonic or hypotonic. Pure water injected into the veins will cause lysis of erythrocytes.

Subcutaneous rehydration is also used, especially in veterinary medicine. This is a slower method, so not normally used for emergencies.

If someone exhibits signs of moderate to severe dehydration, medical attention should be sought.

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