Sphere (disambiguation)

Sphere (disambiguation)

A sphere is an object shaped like the surface of a ball, but can be used to refer to a ball-shaped object, as well as a sphere-like or annular region or shell. Additionally, it has several metaphorical uses.

In mathematics:
* Sphere, the set of points which are a fixed distance from a central point in space
* Hypersphere or n-sphere, the set of points which are a fixed distance from a central point in a space of "n"+1 dimensions

In astronomy:
* Celestial sphere, the astronomical description of the sky
* Armillary sphere, a physical model of the celestial sphere
* Celestial or planetary spheres, referring to a geocentric model of the universe and the associated postulate of a "music of the spheres"
* Sphere of influence (astrodynamics)

In Earth and planetary science, various systems with a planetary scale extension:
* Atmosphere, including the Earth's atmosphere and Celestial body atmospheres
** Troposphere
** Stratosphere
** Mesosphere
** Thermosphere
** Exosphere
** Magnetosphere
* Biosphere
** Anthroposphere
* Hydrosphere
** Cryosphere (sometimes included in the hydrosphere)
* Geosphere
** Lithosphere
*** Pedosphere (Soil)
*** Crust
** Mantle
*** Asthenosphere
*** Mesosphere (mantle)
** Core
*** Inner core
*** Outer core

In stellar physics, the layers of a star, in particular of the Sun:
* Solar core
* Radiation zone
* Convection zone
* Photosphere
* Chromosphere
* Corona

A type of spherical stone (stone balls):
* Artificial stone spheres (Petrospheres)
**Lapidary spheres
**Stone round shot (cannonballs)
**Spherical stone shot for trebuchets
**Stone spheres of Costa Rica
**Carved Stone Balls of Scotland
* Natural stone spheres
** Megaspherulites
** Cannonball concretions
** Spherical corestones created by spheroidal weathering

Figurative or metaphorical uses:
* Noosphere, the sphere of human thought and/or creativity
* Sphere of knowledge, a unified body or collection of knowledge
* Sphere of influence, a metaphorical region of influence surrounding a person, concept, country etc.
* Cultural region, such as:
** Anglosphere
** Indosphere
** Sinosphere

As a proper name, or in popular culture:
* "De sphaera mundi" ("The Sphere"), a medieval astronomy book by Johannes de Sacrobosco
* The Sphere, a large metallic sculpture located between the twin towers of the former World Trade Center
* "The Sphere" (newspaper), a British weekly newspaper which ran between 1900 and 1964
* Sphere Books, a British paperback-publisher from the 1960s to the 1980s
* "Sphere" (novel), a 1987 book written by Michael Crichton
* "Sphere" (film), a 1998 film based on the 1987 novel, starring Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson
* "Sphere" (album), a 2005 album by noise music artist Merzbow.
* "Spheres (song)", a 2007 single by Mike Oldfield
* "Spheres" (album), 1993 album by death metal band Pestilence
* "Spheres" (Delerium album) and "Spheres 2", 1994 albums by electronic music group Delerium
* "Spheres" (anime), a Korean anime
* Sphere (program), a cross-platform open-source computer program for making role-playing games
* SPHERE, Spectroscopic and Polarimetric High-contrast Exo-planet REsearch, an instrumentation project at the VLT to directly image extrasolar planets
* SPHERES, Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient Experimental Satellites formation flight testbed developed by MIT's Space Systems Laboratory
*Sphere, the blog search engine
*Dresspheres in the game Final Fantasy X-2 are used to change character classes
*"Sphere", a song by John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer from their 2004 album A Sphere in the Heart of Silence

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