SOS (disambiguation)

SOS (disambiguation)

SOS may stand for:


* "SOS" (arcade game), a 1981 arcade game by Nam
* "SOS" (game), a paper and pencil game
* "SOS" (video game), a 1994 Super Nintendo game by Human Entertainment

Government and military

* Secretary of State
* Services of Supply - an autonomous branch of the U.S. Army during World War II, which later became the Army Service Forces.
* "Shit On a Shingle", U. S. military slang for creamed chipped beef on toast
* Special Operations Squadron, a United States Air Force Special Operations Squadron
* Squadron Officer School, a professional military school run by the United States Air Force
* Secrets of Service a major world domination operation stopped in 1967
* Source of Supply - a three position alphanumeric code sometimes referred to as a RIC


Musicians and record labels

* The SOS Band, an American R&B musical ensemble best known for the hits "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" and "Just Be Good to Me"
* Swing Out Sister
* SOS Records a punk rock record label featuring The Varukers and The Adicts
* "S.O.S." (Sisters of Shu), the former name of ASOS, a musical duo of Taiwan, with Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu.


* "S.O.S" (album), an album by Morgana Lefay
* "Songs of Silence", an album by Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica
* "Sound of Silver", an album by dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem
* S.O.S., an album by La Bouche


* "S.O.S." is a 1996 song by ska-punk band The Suicide Machines, from the album Destruction by Definition
* "S.O.S." (Good Charlotte song), a 2004 song by Good Charlotte
* "SOS" (Rihanna song), a 2006 pop song by Rihanna
* "S.O.S." (Anything But Love) a 2007 single by Apocalyptica (feat. Cristina Scabbia & Mats Leven)
* "S.O.S. (Too Bad)", a song from Aerosmith's 1974 album "Get Your Wings"
* "SOS" (ABBA song), 1975 singles by ABBA and Agnetha Fältskog
* "SOS" (Jonas Brothers song), a song by the Jonas Brothers
* "S.O.S." by Collie Buddz, a WWE theme song
* "S.O.S.", a single released by La Bouche from their album bearing the same title


* SOS Children's Villages, a large childcare NGO
* Save Our Selves, a group of climate change activists
* Save Our Sons, an Australian group of anti-war female activists in the Vietnam War
* Secular Organizations for Sobriety a secular addiction recovery group (also sometimes referred to as Save Our Selves)
* Share Our Strength, a nonprofit dedicated to ending childhood hunger.
* Science of Spirituality, a non-profit international spiritual organization.


* The tiebreaker "Sum of Opponents' Scores" in a McMahon system tournament
* Strength of schedule statistic
* Sheamus O'Shaunessy, a professional wrestler
* Stephen Silvagni, an Australian football player, standing for "Son of Serge", after his father, Sergio Silvagni

cience and technology

* [ Science On a Sphere] , a NOAA display where the world is projected onto a reflective sphere
* Sensor Observation Service (SOS), a service for managing and retrieving data from deployed sensors by Open Geospatial Consortium
* SHARE Operating System, a historical operating system for the IBM 704 computer
* Solaris Operating System, a Unix-based operating system written by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* Sold-Out Software, a British publisher of computer games
* SOS, the international Morse code distress signal, consisting of three dots, three dashes and three dots (··· --- ···)
* SOS response, a DNA repair system of prokaryotes involving RecA and LexA proteins
* Polynomial SOS, polynomials that are sums of squares of polynomials
* Apple SOS, the "Sophisticated Operating System", an operating system used by the Apple III computer
* Silicon on Sapphire, a type of wafer chip design
* Son of sevenless, a small GTPase that promotes the exchange of Ras-bound GDP by GTP
* Sinusoidal obstruction syndrome, a liver disease mainly occurring in people receiving a bone marrow transplant
* sum of squares, a statistical measure
* son of sysreport, an enhanced version of the sysreport Linux diagnostic utility software
* Switched-On Schoolhouse, an educational computer program for homeschoolers and private school students
* System of systems, a collection of task-oriented or dedicated systems
* Structural Operational Semantics, a logical means to defining the meaning of computer programs


* S.O.S. (Lost), a TV episode from the series "Lost"
* SOS Brigade, Haruhi Suzumiya's club in the anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and the Haruhi Suzumiya light novel series
* , a Mexican television series.
* Summer of Sam

Other uses

* S.O.S. Mathematics, a mathematics website
* Sos, Lot-et-Garonne, a commune in France
* Somali shilling, the currency of Somalia (ISO currency code "SOS")
* S.O.S Soap Pads, a brand of detergent-infused scouring pad, manufactured by Clorox, supposed to stand for "Save Our Saucepans"
* S.O.S. (appetizer), a Swedish appetizer with butter, cheese and herring
* "S.O.S." (novel), a 2001 novel by Joseph Connolly
* Sos the Rope an eponymous character from a novel by Piers Anthony
* The Sword of Shannara, the first novel in the Shannara series by Terry Brooks.
* Someone special
* "si opus sit" - Latin abbreviation meaning "if there is need", "if occasion require", "if necessary"

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