Label dispenser

Label dispenser

A bench top label dispenser is a machine built to simplify the process of removing a label from its liner or backing tape. Label dispensers are designed with varying sizes and features which are often specific to the type of label they can dispense.

The labels are then applied by either manual application or automatic application.automatic application are basically of two types1. Tamp on.2. Wipe on.

Manual label dispenser

Manual label dispensers are designed for light-duty use. They are operated by hand and are not automated, but still assist in the process of removing labels from their liners. Many manual label dispensers can dispense multiple rolls at once, and can dispense tape as well.

emi-automatic label dispenser

Semi-automatic label dispensers are often designed for heavy-duty use. These dispensers advance individual labels and remove them from their lining so that they are ready to be taken by the operator. Label advancement occurs when a trigger on the dispenser detects the absence of a label, or when the operator removes a label.

Semi-automatic label dispensers are often built to withstand industrial conditions. While plastic-metal combination dispensers exist, the ideal construction is all-metal. It also gives the dispensers a sturdier frame and allows for heavier rolls to be dispensed.


* Motor: The motor automates the label dispenser and controls the speed at which labels are dispensed.
* Take-up hub: The take-up hub consists of a bar and a liner holder, which are connected to the motor. In operation, they turn in sync with the motor and wind the label liner in order to collect it in one place. As the take-up hub turns, pressure is placed in the liner and it is stretched across the strip plate, where peeling, or separation, occurs.
* Strip plate: A component of the machine which acts as a separator for the label and its liner. Each label is pulled across the strip plate until it is recognized by a photo sensor or limit switch. Strip plates can be of varying design and material, but they are often made of plastic, metal coil, or aluminum. The ideal design is to have a sharp strip plate, which can handle all types of labels and liners, as opposed to common sheet metal or a metal coil.
* Photodetector or Limit switch: Used to trigger label advancement. Every semi-automatic label dispenser is equipped with one or the other. These detect the absence or presence of a label to facilitate dispensing. A photodetector is the more reliable of the two, as it never comes into contact with the label during operation.

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