Vigoro is a sport like both cricket and baseball and has been mainly played by women. It is most popular in Australia.


The game was invented by Englishman John George Grant.

A key figure in the promotion of the game was Ettie Dodge, who was President (1919-66) of the New South Wales Women's Vigoro Association and foundation president (1932-66) of the All Australian [Vigoro] Association. Ettie's husband had met John George Grant in England. When the game was introduced to New South Wales schools in the 1920s, Dodge & Co. began selling vigoro equipment. Grant died in 1927 and bequeathed the trademark and copyright of the game to Ettie. [ [] ]


Vigoro is played on a pitch slightly shorter in length than a cricket pitch. The balls are much lighter than those for cricket, and the bat has a different shape with a long handle resembling the shape of a paddle. [ [] ]

There are two teams of 12 players which will bat and field two innings each (except in the event that a team wins with an innings in hand). The aim of the game is for a team to score more runs than the opposition team.

There are no overs and the batters bat from one end only. Two bowlers bowl alternately and can incorporate any type of "throwing" action as long as the ball is released above the shoulder (i.e. not underarm).

A run is completed each time both batters safely make it to the crease at the opposite end of the pitch. Fours and sixes also apply where the batter hits the ball past the boundary markers. In addition to shots made off the bat, byes and leg-byes add to the team's score.

Players may be dismissed by the same methods as in cricket - bowled, caught, run-out, stumped, LBW, hit wicket, handled ball and hit the ball twice.

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