Vasily Shumov

Vasily Shumov

Vasily Shumov (Russian: "Василий Герардович Шумов", birth date 23/03/1960) is a russian/american artist, musician, multimedia and experimental artist, short film director. He is probably best known for his music band Center, which was formed in Soviet Union (late 1970-es - late 1980-es) and is based in Los Angeles, USA since 1990. Shumov created music in such genres as new wave, electronic music, avantgarde.


Shumov's career as an artist started in the late 1970-es in the USSR, and included work with the band Center (albums, concerts, TV appearances), solo albums, soundtracks for the films and cartoons. He also produced several records, including the debut album of Zvuki Mu. After a decade of artistic activity in the Soviet Union he moved 1990 to Los Angeles (California, USA), where he remains an active musician, making records (both, with Center and solo), playing live shows in USA and Russia, shooting short films and creating multimedia art. Shumov is giving lectures regarding multimedia art, design and computer technologies. [ [ В.Шумов: «В кризисе всё, в том числе и электронная музыка»] - interview for, 2005, in Russian]

Since the late 1990-es he releases and promotes his works via internet, [ [] ] which also includes free mp3 releases of his albums.

In the first half of 2000-es Shumov is coordinating the "c-e-n-t-e-r" project, which results in the mini-films, combining experimental music and videos of various artists from different countries.

A short film "Kelton's Dark Corner" by Vasily Shumov starring Paul Marco was released in January 2006. Paul Marco is probably best known for the Ed Wood's 1950-es films. Unfortunately, Marco died the same year, without completing further films of the planned "Dark Corner" series.


"See also: Center"

Solo albums

* 1986 My District (Мой район)
* 1990 Время три (Time Three)
* 1992 Шумовидение. Песни Живых и Мертвых (Noisevision. Songs of living and dead)
* 1992 Тектоника(к) (Tectonics)
* 1994 Голливудский Василек (Vasilyok of Hollywood)
* 1997 Короли поэзии в трансе (Kings of Poetry in Trance)
* 1998 Концерт в программе «Живая коллекция» (c группой «НТО Рецепт») (Concert in «Live Collection» broadcast)
* 2000 Музыка к 4 фильмам (music for 4 films)
* 2000 Играй сам себя (Play Itself)
* 2001 Анагра (Аналоговое Гражданство) (Anagra. Analogous Citizenship)



* [] — official web site of the band Center
* [ "c-e-n-t-e-r"] project

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