Plasmodium azurophilum

Plasmodium azurophilum

"Plasmodium azurophilum" is a species of the genus "Plasmodium". Like all species in this genus it is a parasite of both vertebrates and insects. The vertebrate hosts are lizards of the genus "Anolis".

color = khaki
name = "Plasmodium azurophilum"
image_caption =

image_width =
regnum = Protista
phylum = Apicomplexa
classis = Aconoidasida
ordo = Haemosporida
familia = Plasmodiidae
genus = "Plasmodium"
species = "P. azurophilum"
binomial = "Plasmodium azurophilum"


This species was described by Telford in 1975.

It is now recognised to be a species complex or polyphytic with one species infecting red blood cells and the other infecting white blood cells. Perkins, S. L. (2001) Phylogeography of Caribbean lizard malaria: tracing the history of vector-borne parasites. J. Evol. Biol. 14 (1) 34-45 ] .


Host record

"Anolis" species known to be infected by this parasite include "Anolis cristatellus", "Anolis evermanni", "Anolis gingivinus", "Anolis gundlachi", "Anolis krugi", "Anolis oculatus", "Anolis sabanus", "Anolis stratulus" and "Anolis wattsi".

Geographic location

This parasite is found in the eastern Caribbean.

Clinical findings and host pathology


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