Wenzel Raimund Birck

Wenzel Raimund Birck

Wenzel Raimund Johann Birck (also spelled "Pirck", "Birk", "Birckh", "Pirckh", "Pürk", and "Pürck") (1718-1763) [ [http://www.klassika.info/Komponisten/Birck/index.html Klassika:Wenzel Raimund Johann Birck] ] was one of the early proponents of Symphonic music in Vienna, along with Georg Christoph Wagenseil and Georg Matthias Monn, and an early tutor for Mozart [ [http://www.mozartproject.org/essays/brown.html#Characters_on_the_periphery The Mozart Project, Characters on the periphery] ] . Birck also, along with Georg Christoph Wagenseil tutored a young Joseph Haydn [cite book|title=Haydn, Mozart and the Viennese School: 1740-1780|ISBN=0393037126|author=Daniel Heartz] .

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* [http://www.americanfactfinders.com/Beethoven/Symphonies.shtml American Fact Finders: Ludwig van Beethoven]
* [http://www.mozartproject.org/essays/brown.html The Mozart Project]


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