Franco (disambiguation)

Franco (disambiguation)

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Franco is a common surname in Portuguese and Spanish which derives from the word "Frank", in reference to the Germanic tribe of the Franks, who invaded the modern-day France during the Migration period [ [ Origin of the surname "Franco" in] .] .

;Political figures:
* Francisco Franco, Spanish head of state.
* Gustavo Franco, Brazilian central banker.
* Itamar Franco, former president of Brazil.
* João Franco, prime minister of Portugal.
* Manuel Franco, president of Paraguay.
* Rafael Franco, president of Paraguay.

* Ani DiFranco, American musician.
* Buddy DeFranco, American jazz clarinetist.
* Hernando Franco, Spanish composer.
* James Franco, American actor.
* Jesús Franco and Ricardo Franco, Spanish directors and brothers.
* José Franco, Panamanian poet.
* Larry J. Franco, American film producer.
* François Luambo Makiadi (commonly known as Franco), Congolese musician.

* Daniel Franco, fashion designer.
* Guillermo Franco, footballer.
* John Franco, US-born baseball pitcher, notably for the New York Mets.
* Julio Franco, Dominican-born baseball player.
* Leryn Franco, Paraguayan javelin thrower and model.
* Matt Franco, former baseball player.
* Ramón Franco, pioneer aviator, brother of Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator mentioned above.
* Veronica Franco, 16th-century Venetian courtesan and poet.

Given name

* Franco Albini, Italian architect
* Franco Amatori, Italian economic historian
* Franco Assetto, Italian sculptor and painter
* Franco Baresi, Italian football (soccer) player
* Franco Battiato, Italian singer and songwriter
* Franco Bonera, Italian motorcycle racer
* Franco Causio, Italian football (soccer) player
* Franco Corelli, Italian tenor
* Franco Cristaldi, Italian film producer
* Franco Di Santo, Argentine football (soccer) player
* Franco Fabrizi, Italian actor
* Franco Ferrara, Italian conductor
* Franco Fraticelli, Italian film editor
* Franco Frattini, Italian politician
* Franco Harris, American football player
* Franco Lucentini, Italian writer
* Franco Malerba, Italian astronaut
* Franco Marini, Italian politician
* Franco Modigliani, Italian-American economist
* Franco Moretti, Italian scholar
* Franco Moschino, Italian fashion designer
* Franco Nero, Italian actor
* Franco Neto, Brazilian beach volleyball player
* Franco Pellizotti, Italian cyclist
* Franco Maria Ricci, Italian art publisher
* Franco Sacchetti, Italian poet
* Franco Scaglione, Italian automobile designer
* Franco Semioli, Italian football (soccer) player
* Franco Uncini, Italian motorcycle racer
* Franco Zeffirelli, Italian film director


* Franc (Italian: "Franco"), a unit of currency
** Luccan franco
* Franco (Mirandela), a freguesia in Mirandela in Portugal
* El Franco, a municipality of Asturias in Spain
* Franco Automobili, an Italian maker of automobiles and one-time winner of the Targa Florio
* , a prefix used to refer to:
** France
** The Franks


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