Morini (disambiguation)

Morini (disambiguation)

Morini may refer to:

Species Latin binomial name abbreviations
  • A. morini
  • Elattoneura morini, a damselfly species in the genus Elattoneura
  • Platypodia morini, a crab species in the genus Platypodia

As an Italian surname it may refer to:

  • Alfonso Morini, the founder of Moto Morini
  • Annamaria Morini, an Italian flautist
  • Emanuele Morini (born 1982), an Italian football player
  • Erika Morini, an Austrian violinist
  • Francesco Morini, an Italian football player
  • Gian Franco Morini (born 1984), an Italian music video and film director, film editor and writer
  • Giorgio Morini, an Italian midfielder
  • Guido Morini (born 1959), an Italian pianist, organist, harpsichordist, musicologist and composer
  • Massimo Morini, an Italian singer

See also

  • Morin (disambiguation)
  • Moreno (disambiguation), a Jewish surname with the same root

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