Good Night, Witness Light

Good Night, Witness Light

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Name = Good Night, Witness Light
Type = Album
Artist = Daphne Loves Derby

Released = March 27, 2007
Recorded = July/August 2006
Genre = Indie rock
Length = 39:34
Label = Outlook Records
Producer = Matt Squire
Reviews = * (72%) [ link] |
Last album = "On the Strength of All Convinced"
This album = "Good Night, Witness Light"
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Good Night, Witness Light is Daphne Loves Derby's second full length album and was released March 27, 2007. It is the last album the band has with Outlook Records as they signed on for a two album deal. The term "Witness Light" is partially quoted from a line in one of Robert Frost's Poems that goes as follows:

Where my imaginary line
Bends square in woods an iron spine
And pile of real rocks have been founded.
And off this corner in the wild,
Where these are driven in and piled,
One tree, by being deeply wounded,
Has been impressed as Witness Tree
And made commit to memory
My proof of being not unbounded.
Thus truth's established and borne out,
Though circumstanced with dark and doubt
Though by a world of doubt surrounded.
This poem by Robert Frost was also featured on Daphne Loves Derby's website for a while. This is also Jason Call's last album with Daphne Loves Derby.

Also, Several of the track titles on this album are taken directly from the 1998 film, "The Truman Show." The band has given no indications as to why this is, but it is possible that lead singer Kenny Choi simply enjoys this movie.

When Truman makes his escape by boat and cannot be found, Christof (the director) dramatically commands, "Cue the Sun!"

A few minutes later, Truman is found and on screen once again. When the television crew switches to a camera on the boat which shows Truman courageously guiding the boat, Christof remarks, "That's Our Hero Shot."

Finally, when Truman meets his true love, Sylvia in the library, he notices a button that she is wearing. On the button, it is written, "How's it Going to End?"

Band members

*Kenny Choi - Guitar/Keyboard/Percussion/Lead Vocals
*Jason Call - Bass/Keyboard/Percussion/Vocals
*Stu Clay - Drums/Percussion
*Spencer Abbott - Lead Guitar

Track listing

  1. "Are Two Chords Enough, Dear?" - 1:35
  2. "Stranger, You and I" - 3:12
  3. "Irony in the Backseat" - 3:54
  4. "No One Is Convinced" - 3:47
  5. "Marching Band Intro" - 0:50
  6. "That's Our Hero Shot" - 2:59
  7. "To Struggle With Light Colors" - 3:36
  8. "Cue the Sun!" - 3:34
  9. "Miniature Christmas Tree" - 2:51
  10. "Love & Mercy" - 2:56
  11. "Hello Color Red" - 2:53
  12. "The Best Part About It Honey" - 3:14
  13. "How's It Going to End?" - 4:20

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