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George Grie

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George Grie (born May 14, 1962) is a Russian-Canadian artist.

One of the first digital real neo-surrealist artists, Grie is known for numerous 3D, 2D, and matte painting images. Born in the USSR during the Soviet regime ( _ru. Джордж Грие or Юрий Грибановский) he did not adopt the conventional and politically correct socialist realism art style, but chose instead to follow the more controversial path of modern surrealism.


Grie's artistic style has been heavily influenced by famous surrealists such as Rene Magritte and Salvador Dalí, fantastic realists Zdzisław Beksiński and Wojciech Siudmak, and surreal photomanipulation artist Jerry Uelsmann. His neo-surrealist artwork is a combination of classic surrealist symbolism with modern fantasy and visionary art tendencies.

His digital neo-surrealistic artworks are an extraordinary visual record of his conceptual thoughts, philosophic views, fantasies, and dreams. Often journeying into the subconscious, Grie's digital photo-realism artwork shows a magical and playful, dream-like world laced with detail. Supernatural illusions, mystic romanticism, spiritual magic and delusional trance fantasies are presented all together in his virtual world. The result is not always comfortable or conventional: there is a great deal of tension and alienation in the strange events taking place in the landscape of his imagination.

Life and Work

George Grie acquired a classical art education in various fine art institutions before he started his career as a professional fine art painter and graphic artist. Use of a photo realistic technique giving a firm contrast between the light source and dark tonality, which can be seen in his early painting, gives his artworks a graphical appearance. Grie's artworks are strong and powerful images which rely on visual impact. They are about capturing visual paradoxes: sometimes they depict calm and contemplative moments, solitude, and sometimes melancholy. There is a stillness in his themes which conveys a sense of inner-reflection and self-observation. His admiration for photo-realism is the reason why Grie has transformed his artistic career from traditional fine art to computer digital art. His previous experience and classical painting education give him a complete freedom of self-expression.

He became a professional multimedia graphic design artist and joined IBM Corporation as a lead new-media specialist. Today, his prime interest is in contemporary [ 2D & 3D digital art-design software] , [ 3D studio models] and their applications. George Grie resides with his family in Toronto, Canada.
Quotation|The new form of art was born without pompous manifestations and noisy commercials. Some of us still consider digital and 3d art as something mechanical and artificial, something that in some way is out of human touch. Nothing could be more wrong. Computers don’t make art, people do. Computers are creative tools –much sophisticated ones. Once you try them, you will never give up going forward. There is only one chilling obstacle between you and your perfect design – lack of imagination. [cite web|title=Modern art surrealism: George Grie neosurrealism gallery, George Grie Biography|url=] |George Grie|Biography & Digital Art Statement


* Mistral gallery, London
* Artnova gallery, Stockholm
* Cinema House gallery, Saint-Petersburg
* Artson gallery, Helsinki
* Toronto Art Expo, International Art Exhibition
* Artfocus - Canada's largest indoor art event Toronto
* Pixel Perfect: The Digital Fine Art Exhibition, Agora gallery New York
* Contemporary Art London New York Toronto Art Fair

Work for recording artists

* Sunroad, Flying n’ Floating [cite web|title=Interview Sunroad|url=,+Flying+n%E2%80%99+Floating+george+grie&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=3/]
* Gianfranco Biagini, Project Morfeo
* Mario Massi, Uncle Myros Flying Circus
* Gert Emmens, A Boy's World [cite web|title=Guts Of Darkness › Gert Emmens - A Boy's World|url=]

* Confusi Ricordi, Viandante Immemore


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