Stationary bicycle

Stationary bicycle
Stationary bicycle
Magnetic resistance mechanism

An exercise bicycle or bike, or stationary bicycle, or Exercycle is a device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation. A cycloergometer, cycle ergometer or bicycle ergometer is a stationary bicycle with an ergometer to measure the work done by the exerciser.

An exercise bicycle is usually a special-purpose exercise machine resembling a bicycle without true wheels, but it is also possible to adapt an ordinary bicycle for stationary exercise by placing it on bicycle rollers or a trainer. Rollers and trainers are often used by racing cyclists to warm up before racing, or to train on their own machines indoors.


Types of exercise bicycle

Exercise machines resembling modern stationary bicycles have existed since the end of the eighteenth century; the Gymnasticon was a prominent early example. In recent years, many new stationary bikes have appeared, including those in recumbent positions, upright bikes and indoor cycling bikes which are bikes built for riding in indoor cycling classes. Some models feature handlebars that are connected to the pedals so that the upper body can be exercised along with the lower body.[1] Most exercise bikes provide a mechanism for applying resistance to the pedals which increases the intensity of the exercise. Resistance mechanisms include magnets, fans, and friction mechanisms. Some models allow the user to pedal backwards to exercise antagonist muscles which are not exercised in forward pedaling. Many bikes now include attached television screens.

Mini exercise bikes comprise the pedal and resistance parts only, with no saddle or handlebars; they are intended for taking exercise, not for training for bicycle riding. They can be placed on the floor and pedalled by a user seated on a chair; the pedals can also be turned with the hands for a different form of exercise. These devices occupy less space than other types and are significantly cheaper; it can be problematic to install them in a way which prevents them from moving out of position when pedalling.

Uses of exercise bicycles

Exercise bikes are used for exercise, to increase general fitness, and for training for cycle events. The exercise bike has long been used for physical therapy because of the low-impact, safe, and effective cardiovascular exercise it provides. The low-impact movement involved in operating an exercise bike does not put much stress on joints and does not involve sporadic motions that some other fitness equipment may require.[citation needed]

Stationary bikes are also used to exercise for weight loss.

The use of exercise bikes can in some ways be thought of as deeply ironic as in many cases, a person may drive a motor vehicle to a gym, use an exercise bike for a while and perhaps spend a little time on a stationary running machine before driving home. The exercise partly ameliorates a low level of fitness caused by an almost complete lack of self perambulation but does nothing to address the over-reliance in fossil fuels which is the underlying cause of obesity or poor fitness levels in the first instance.

It could be argued that using a functioning bicycle would provide more utility and be of greater social benefit.

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