List of minor characters in Preacher (comics)

List of minor characters in Preacher (comics)

The following is a list of minor characters from the comic book series "Preacher," created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

Billy Bob and Lorrie Bobbs

Billy Bob Bobbs is Jesse Custer's childhood friend during his time spent on the L'Angelle estate. Billy Bob comes from a poor, severely inbred family living in the swamp, and expects to follow the family tradition of marrying his sister. Both Billy Bob and Lorrie share a deformity, a bare patch of skin where the left eye should be located. When Billy Bob happens upon T.C. raping a chicken in the barn, T.C. murders him by slitting his throat. Jesse attacks T.C. and calls him a fucker, which results in his grandmother sentencing him to be trapped in the box under the lake. When Jesse is released and goes to the Bobb home to tell them about Billy Bob's death and apologize, they angrily reject him.

Lorrie Bobbs, Billy Bob's sister, finds her way to the town of Salvation, where she works in the town bar. Her inbreeding also results in a strange form of schizophrenic delusion, where she sometimes sees one object as something else, although this doesn't seem to affect her life negatively. (For example, she refers to beers as "platypuses.") When Jesse arrives in the town, he protects her from an attack by drunken townsfolk.

Lorrie Bobbs falls in love with Arseface, because due to her mental illness, his deformed face looks like that of a very attractive man resembling James Dean. When he reciprocates her affections, she wonders why he would be attracted to a woman with one eye, and he remarks "Beggars can't be choosers."

Carlita Von Trapp is a stanger to all, but seems to be the added sexual content the comic needed.

Allfather D'Aronique

'Allfather D'Aronique' is French and enormously fat. His first name is never given. He is the leader of the Grail organization until killed by Starr. See his article for details.

"The Duke"

"The Duke" can best be described as Jesse Custer's imaginary friend, appearing to him shortly after the death of his parents. Although he has the mannerisms and speech pattern of John Wayne, this character is most obviously a coping mechanism for Custer, as Wayne was still alive at the time "The Duke" first appeared to Jesse. However, at one point Jesse Custer claims that the Duke had provided him with information (of the Saint of Killers) that he himself could not know (though it was implied in "Proud Americans" that he had access to that information via Genesis, posing as a method of the entity to indirectly speak to Custer); as such, the exact nature of the Duke is never fully explained.


The Genesis entity is the result of the mating of an angel and a demon. This mating was more than likely arranged by God himself, as the father explained to Jesse Custer, "Our wills were not our own." Immediately after Genesis' birth, God left Heaven, leaving the Seraphi angels in command. Soon after, Genesis escaped and bonded itself to Custer, leading the Adephi angels to appoint the Saint of Killers to retrieve it. Genesis was ultimately killed when Custer was assassinated at the Alamo.

The Genesis entity generally manifested itself as a comet with the face of a crying infant before it bonded itself to Custer. It also possessed all the memories of Heaven and Hell, and gave Custer the power to command people to do whatever he ordered.


Jody is Ms. L'Angelle's most trusted enforcer, often paired with T.C. for missions. Jesse calls him "the leading expert on fucking people over before they can fuck him." He has a gift for machines and spent his teen years on the Llano, which gave him a deep knowledge of cattle. He has passed on both of these skills to Jesse. Massively muscled, he can send a man flying with one punch, and he has an incredible tolerance for pain and injury. He kills with no remorse; after shooting Jesse's father, he turned to the six-year old boy and called him a "fuckin' little crybaby." Jody resents what he sees as Ms. L'Angelle's favoritism and lenience toward Jesse, as Jesse has always rebelled against her while Jody has always been loyal.

Jody apparently believed that he was toughening Jesse up with his pattern of abuse. He at one points says to Jesse "If you were mine I'd a kicked your faggoty little ass good an' regular," and Jesse claims he was "fucked bad" while still "in the womb", indicating Jody had an abusive family. Shortly before their final fight, he expressed disappointment that Jesse's father (a Medal of Honor-winning Marine, and the first man able to actually defeat Jody in hand-to-hand combat) had failed to give him a tough upbringing. He is also a violent racist, making numerous derogatory remarks about black people.

Jesse finally kills Jody in a climactic fistfight on the L'Angelle ranch. Jody taunts Jesse, telling him that he's always been too weak and afraid, and decides to kill him when L'Angelle finally gives him permission. When Jody traps Jesse in the same hammer lock/stranglehold that he used to break his arm years before, Jesse escapes by biting out a chunk of Jody's forearm, kicking Jody to the ground, and stomping on his spine. Jody's last words are "Prouda you, boy," before Jesse strangles him.

Marie L'Angelle

Marie L'Angelle was the wheelchair-bound grandmother of Jesse Custer, mother to Christine L'Angelle and distant aunt to Allfather D'Aronique. She resided in Angelville, an east Texas plantation straddling the Texas/Louisiana border. She was a cold-blooded woman, who would take any counter-measures for her designs to work--most notably threatening John Custer, her daughter's husband and father of Jesse, that should he ever try to leave Angelville he would die.

She wanted young Jesse to become a minister, and often punished him by forcing him into obedience by sealing him in the "coffin", a sealed, weighted down coffin with an air tube put in the bottom of the swamp, without food or water, to stir and crawl within his own urine and feces for differing lengths of time. The times varied, from one week to a full month. The first time this punishment was applied was when Jesse called Jody a "fucker" when Jody killed Jesse's pet dog Duke for humping Jody's leg. When Christine (to whom she reportedly did the same) refused to permit such punishment, L'Angelle ordered that her own daughter be killed and screamed at Jesse, saying it was his fault.

Later she had Jody and T.C. search for Jesse both times he escaped, first time from Angelville, and after Jesse's congregation was destroyed, following Genesis' possession of him. She makes a pact with God, who allows her to kill Tulip O'Hare to further assert her control over Jesse. God, for his own reasons, brings Tulip back. Tulip kills T.C., knocks Gran'ma out of her wheelchair and sets the house on fire. The flames soon reach her oxygen tanks, blowing her burning corpse out of the top most window.

Her exact age was never mentioned, but she was "about eighty" in or a few months before 1974 (see Preacher:Vol. 2 Until the End of the World-Jesse's father is killed before his eyes in 1974, after a few months of forced residence in Angelville). Seeing as the main storyline occurs in 1997 and onward (see Preacher:Vol. 1 Gone to Texas,where Cassidy states he is "as old as the century" and that he's 97 years old) she was 103 years old, being born 1894.

She was married when she was "over fifty", to an unnamed person, who died before Jesse was born and had her daughter when she was sixty.

She had the odd habit to direct the arrangement of two rows of great, burning crosses at each side of the road to the house, though if there is any direct linkage to the burning cross being the Ku Klux Klan symbol is never explained.

The Messiah

The Messiah is the last descendant of Jesus Christ, under the control and protection of the Grail and almost constantly under the watch of Allfather D'Aronique.

According to the history of the Grail, Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, but married, had a family, and reached middle age before being killed by a runaway cart. The organization that would become the Grail took his children and kept them in seclusion, where they were allowed to mate only with one another, in order to preserve their holy bloodline. By the time of Allfather D'Aronique's reign, the last two descendants, a mated brother and sister, are severely inbred, ugly and mentally handicapped; only the mystic power of their bloodline makes its continuation possible at all. In Starr's words, "Son of God or son of can't fuck your sister and expect much good to come of it."

Shortly after being inducted into the Grail, Herr Starr is shown the Messiah's parents, who are living in a straw hut in a cage and wallowing in their own excrement. When Starr is splattered with a fistful of filth, he soon decides that Allfather D'Aronique's plan to set up a one world government with the Messiah as its puppet ruler is madness, and begins cultivating his own loyalists within the Grail. The Messiah's mother dies in childbirth, and his father kills himself by smashing his head against the cage bars when she is taken away from him; thus, the Messiah is the last of the pure bloodline of Christ.

The Messiah is a gawky-looking, mentally handicapped, unstoppably cheerful young teenage boy who is generally allowed to run wild under D'Aronique's watch. His holy bloodline does, in fact, give him Christlike powers. He also uses the nonsense word "Humperdidoo" as a cheerful punctuation to his statements. When a terrified French gardener tries to stop him from drinking herbicide, the Messiah merely quips "Changed it into wine! Humperdidoo!"

The Messiah is killed by Herr Starr during the coup in which he takes control of the Grail. Starr kicks D'Aronique out of a helicopter, after which he lands on the Messiah and the soldier standing next to him, killing all three. Before his death, the Messiah blithely says "Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise" to the soldier before they are crushed in a burst of blood and viscera.

Miss Oatlash

Miss Oatlash is Odin Quincannon's lawyer, who mainly uses her talents to protect his illegal operations and keep his minions out of jail. She is also a deluded Nazi apologist who idolizes Adolf Hitler and maintains that he was a peaceful man who had nothing to do with the Holocaust. She is also an amateur dominatrix who craves sex with a man who meets her standards for an Aryan ubermensch. At one point, she captures Jesse Custer, binds him, and dresses him up like Adolf Hitler, but he easily escapes and subdues her.

Conan Quincannon

Conan Quincannon is the younger brother of Odin Quincannon. A kind-hearted environmentalist, he is the polar opposite of everything Odin was. He moves to Salvation, Texas after the destruction of his brother's meat processing plant and converts the plant to produce fertilizer from manure. He offers Arseface a job shoveling manure at the request of a smitten Lorrie Bobbs.

Odin Quincannon

Odin Quincannon is a wealthy businessman who makes his fortune from a meat-processing plant, and has near-total control over the town of Salvation. He is also an ardent member of the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan, and uses his fellow Klansmen as his hired muscle. His alliance with them often seems to be one of convenience, and some of them remark that he conspicuously appears to go out of his way to mention his hatred for black people as much as possible, so much that even they find it annoying.

Odin clashes with Jesse Custer many times during Jesse's tenure as sheriff of Salvation, going so far as to arrange attempted lynchings, kidnappings, and even blowing up the entire town in order to get at Jesse. Each time, he fails and usually ends up beaten or otherwise injured for his trouble. Eventually, Jesse follows him back to his private shed, where he sees him having sex with a giant, woman-shaped mannequin made out of various meat products. Jesse crushes his neck under his boot in what he describes as a "mercy killing." After his death, his brother Conan assumed control of the meat plant.

Hugo Root

Hugo Root is introduced as the mean-hearted father of Arseface. He is characterized as a stereotypical racist redneck. Root is an alcoholic who spends every night getting drunk and firing his shotgun into the air, screaming at "Martian niggers" that he believes are the source of America's ills. (What he means by this term is unclear, as he once states that these "Martian niggers" may not actually be black.) He also readily believes most conspiracy theories about aliens and government secrets.

Root is the sheriff of an unnamed county in Texas. He used his job (as well as his son) as a means to take out his frustrations on how unhappy the state of his life turned out. Once his son shot himself, and in the process deformed his face, his wife soon left him, leaving behind a scathing "Dear John Letter," in which she berates both Root and their son.

The turning point in Root's life came after his first encounter with Jesse Custer, who used his "Word of God" power to order him and all deputies on the scene to drop their weapons. Shortly after, the Saint of Killers appeared also, and slaughtered nearly all his fellow deputies, with Root only escaping due to covering fire from a police helicopter (which the Saint also destroyed, killing the crew). His account of what happened there was discounted by a federal investigator that was at the sheriff's office, and Hugo was dismissed for the day. Later on that night, he received a tip as to Custer's whereabouts and decided to pursue that lead independently. Unbeknownst to Root, his son stowed away in the back seat of his squad car.

Root takes Tulip hostage against anything Jesse might do. Root is still subdued without harm to Tulip. Custer uses his powers carelessly, commanding Root to "go fuck himself." Against his will, Root maims himself, inserting his genitals into his anus. While being treated in an ambulance, he asks his son to retrieve his gunbelt. In front of paramedics and his son, Root commits suicide. His son flees, vowing to not only hunt down Custer but to call himself "Arseface."

Jesus DeSade

Jesus DeSade was a millionare hedonist who believed in pursuing every sexual fantasy, no matter how perverted. He engaged in, among other things, drug dealing and zoophilia. At one point, he is seen riding a bicycle naked while singing the "Train Song" from the children's television series Chigley.

DeSade was known for throwing wildly hedonistic parties for Hollywood's elite, where literally no fetish or sexual perversion was left unpursued.

During one such party, Jesse Custer and friends had crashed the party, looking for DeSade. Upon encountering DeSade, Custer orders, with his normal voice, the millionaire to stay where he was while he found Cassidy. DeSade did not take Custer seriously, and tended to other affairs, primarily among which was filming an act of child pornography. Custer again found DeSade during this act, and beat DeSade savagely, promising that when DeSade got out of jail, he would be waiting.

Jesse uses his supernatural powers to make sure the abused child would be provided for.

Martha Root

Martha Root is the wife of Hugo Root and the mother of Arseface.

Martha heavily abused prescription medication and alcohol to deal with her misery in her marriage, and attended church on a regular basis in attempts to deal with her dissatisfaction in her marriage to Hugo and life in general.

The final straw for Martha came after her son's suicide attempt, after the doctors refused to tell her anything about her son's condition. She threw away her drugs, poured her alcohol down the sink, and left her family behind for parts unknown, leaving behind a scathing Dear John Letter, in which she berated Hugo's alleged penis size, and calling her son an idiot.


A stereotypical good ol' boy, T.C.'s primary interest is having sex with practically any creature or inanimate object he can get his hands on. He has been seen having intercourse with a chicken and has mentioned how much he loves sex with fish. In the one-shot "Preacher: Good Old Boys," T.C. also mentions that he has had intercourse with one or more of Jesse Custer's birthday cakes, and it is implied that he had intercourse with a German Shepherd.

T.C. is very violent, willing to kill anyone he is ordered to or anyone who gets in his way/annoys him.

Ms. L'Angelle instructed Jody to make sure that TC was kept away from Tulip O'Hare's newly-dead body. Custer beat him savagely, but Tulip, revived by God, was the one who ultimately killed him by way of his own shotgun.

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