Warhammer Armies

Warhammer Armies

"Warhammer Armies" was a supplement published by Games Workshop in 1991 for the 3rd Edition of their Warhammer Fantasy Battle table top game.

It gave a proscribed limit for the composition of armies in the game for balanced play, a "bestiary" for monstrous creatures as well as new units and warmachines for the various armies covered.

In later editions Warhammer Armies was replaced by individual "Warhammer army" books for each army eg "Warhammer Army: High Elves"

The authors were Nigel Stillman "and friends", apparently Rick Priestley, Richard Halliwell, Matt Connell and Bryan Ansell

Army lists

*Dark Elves
*Wood Elves
*High Elves
*The Empire

Plus mercenary and ally units, including:

*Chaos (inc. Minotaurs & Chaos dwarfs)
*Dark Elves
*High Elves
*Wood Elves
*Old World (inc. Kislevites)
*Orcs & Goblins

*Half Orcs
*Norse (inc. Norse Dwarfs)
*Old World (inc. Tileans, Estalians, Bretonnians & Kislevites)

ee also

*Armies of Warhammer

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