Price (surname)

Price (surname)

Price is a patronymic name derived from the Welsh "ap Rhys" meaning "son of Rhys". It is a common surname among those of Welsh ancestry. [An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names With an Essay on their Derivation and Import; Arthur, William, M.A.; New York, NY: Sheldon, Blake, Bleeker & CO., 1857]

" See also Welsh surnames"

People named Price

* Alan Price (born April 19, 1942), a musician, songwriter, and actor.
* Birgitte Price (1934-1997), Danish actress
* Bob Price (1927-2004), a Republican congressman from the Texas Panhandle from 1967-1975
* Bruce Price (1845-1903), the architect of many of the Canadian Pacific Railway's Château-type stations and hotels
* Carey Price (born 1987), a Canadian hockey goaltender playing for the Montreal Canadiens
* Cedric Price (1934-2003), an English architect and influential teacher and writer on architecture
* Charles H. Price II, a prominent Indian businessman and former Ambassador of the United States
* Charles Melvin Price (1905-1988), US Congressman
* Chris Price (born 1960), a former English footballer who played in the right-back position and was noted for his attacking runs
* David Price (American politician) (born 1940), an American politician
* David Price (British politician) (born 20 November 1924), a British Conservative Party politician
* David Price (footballer) (born June 23, 1955), an English former footballer
* Derek J. de Solla Price (1922-1983), science historian and information scientist
* Dick Price (1930-1985), co-founder of Esalen Institute
* E. Hoffmann Price (1898-1988), writer of popular fiction
* Eli Kirk Price (1797-1884), first commissioner of Fairmount Park
* Ernest B. Price (1890-1973), American diplomat in China
* Eugenia Price (1916-1996), American historical novelist
* Evadne Price (1896/1901-1985), British freelance journalist, columnist, author, playwright, actor, television presenter, screenwriter, and astrologer
* Gary Price, an electronic librarian
* George Cadle Price (born 1919), the first Prime Minister of Belize and the architect of that country's independence
* George Lawrence Price, a Canadian soldier who is traditionally recognized as being the last soldier killed during the First World War
* George McCready Price (1870-1963), a Canadian creationist
* George Price (New Yorker cartoonist) (1901-1995), a United States cartoonist
* George R. Price (1922-1975), an American population geneticist
* Grenfell Price (1892-1977), Australian historian and geographer
* Harry Price (1881-1948), British researcher of psychical phenomena
* Harry Price (Royal Navy) (1877-1965), British sailor and author
* Harry Price (games programmer), infamous programmer for the ZX Spectrum in the 1980s
* James H. Price (1878-1943), an American politician
* Kenneth Price (1935-), an American artist
* Leontyne Price (born 1927), American opera singer
* Lloyd Price (born 1933), rock and roll musician
* Mark Price, former NBA basketball player
* Mary Price, an American citizen and secretary to journalist Walter Lippmann of the New York Herald
* Matthew Price, a British journalist
* Mike Price (born 1946), an American football coach
* Nick Price (born 1957), a professional golfer
* Peerless Price (born 1976), an American football wide receiver
* Peter Price (politician) (born 1946), Honorary MEP and member of the European Strategy Council
* Ray Price
* Raymond A. Price (born 1933), Canadian geologist
* Reynolds Price (born 1933), American man of letters
* Richard H. Price, a leading American physicist
* Richard J Price, a former member of the National Artists Association
* Richard Price (1723-1791), Welsh philosopher
* Richard Price (writer) (born 1949), an American novelist and screenwriter
* Robert M. Price (born 1954), a Professor of Theology and Scriptural Studies at the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary
* Robert Price (attorney), an American attorney, investment banker and corporate executive
* Rodman M. Price (1816-1894), an American Democratic Party politician
* Roger Price (Australian politician) (born 1945), Australian politician
* Roger Price (comedy) (1918-1990), an American comedy writer best known for his collaborations with Leonard Stern on "Mad Libs"
* Roger Price (television producer) (born 1941), a British television producer
* Sarah Price (born 1979), a former backstroke swimmer from the United Kingdom
* Sean Price, an American rapper
* Sterling Price, Confederate major general during the American Civil War
* Steve Price, Australian rugby league player
* Thomas Price (1852-1909), a mason and lay preacher who became the first Labour premier of South Australia
* Thomas Price (Carnhuanawc) (1787-1848), a historian and a major Welsh literary figure of the early 19th century
* Tom Price (actor), one of the stars of the Five comedy sketch show "Swinging"
* Tom Price (ice hockey) (born 1954), a former ice hockey player
* Tom Price (US politician) (born 1954), an American politician
* Vincent Price (1911-1993), American actor
* William A. Price, an American journalist who worked as the police reporter for the "New York Daily News" from 1940-1955
* William Evan Price (1827-1880), a Quebec businessman and political figure
* William Herbert Price, Attorney General of Ontario from 1926 to 1934 and Treasurer from 1923 to 1926
* William Price (doctor) (1800-1893), a physician and a famous eccentric
* William Price (industrialist) (1860-1938), a farmer and industrialist
* William Price (politician) (1934-1999), British Labour politician
* William Price (Royalist colonel) (1619-1691), a Royalist colonel in the English Civil War
* William Ray Price, Jr., a judge on the Supreme Court of Missouri

In fiction

* One of the trio of "Whitman, Price, and Haddad", "last season's winners" on the fictional TV show "The Running Man".
* Captain Price, fictional leader of the 22nd SAS Regiment in the 2007 video game


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