Great Charter of Ireland

Great Charter of Ireland

The Great Charter of Ireland, also known as the Magna Charta Hiberniae, was a charter of rights for the citizens of Ireland, published at about the same time as the Magna Carta. The only known copy was to be found in the Red Book of the Dublin Court of Exchequer, a MS volume compiled in the 14th century. The book was destroyed in the explosion at the Four Courts in Dublin in 1922, but it was recorded by H. F. Berry in "Early Statutes of Ireland" (1907).

Although it was in effect the application of the Magna Carta to Ireland, with appropriate substitutions ("Dublin" for "London", "Irish Church" for "Church of England" etc.) the charter also incorporated aspects of Brehon Law (see link 1 below).

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# [ Magna Charta Hiberniae 1216 (Great Charter of Ireland)]
# [ William Sharp McKechnie, Historical Introduction to Magna Carta (1914)]


* "Early Statutes of Ireland" H. F. Berry (1907)

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