List of colonial heads of Benin (Dahomey)

List of colonial heads of Benin (Dahomey)

List of Colonial Heads of Dahomey and Porto-Novo (Benin)

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Notes
French Suzerainty
French Protectorate of Porto-Novo  Protectorate placed over the Porto-Novo (Hogbonu) Kingdom
25 February 1863 to 2 January 1865 Marius Daumas, Agent  
Porto-Novo Kingdom
2 January 1865 to 14 April 1882 none  
French Protectorate of Porto-Novo Restored
14 April 1882 to June 1882    
June 1882 to 1883 Bonaventure Colonna de Lecca, Resident  
1883 to 1883 Henri Guilman, Resident  
1883 to 1884 Daniel Germa, Resident  
1884 to July 1884 Léopold Maignot, Resident  
Ju1y 1884 to 1886 Charles Disnematin-Dorat, Resident  
1886 to 1886 Émmanuel Roget, Resident  
1886 to 1887 Jean-Mari Bayol, Resident  
1887 to 16 June 1887 Émile Merwart, Lieutenant-Governor  
9 May 1912 to 11 July 1912 Louis Aujas, acting Lieutenant-Governor  
22 July 1933 to 24 August 1934 Marcel de Coppet, Lieutenant-Governor  
24 August 1934 to 15 February 1935 Jean Desanti, acting Lieutenant-Governor  
15 February 1935 to 12 January 1937 Ernest Gayon, acting Lieutenant-Governor  
7 April 1938 to 1 June 1938 Robert Legendre, acting Governor  
14 January 1948 to 13 January 1949 Claude Valluy, acting Governor  
November 1951 to 21 June 1955 Charles-Henri Bonfils, Governor  
21 June 1955 to 21 March 1958 Casimir-Marc Biros
21 March 1958 to 15 July 1958 Bernard Hepp, acting Governor  
15 July 1958 to 4 December 1958 René Tirant, acting Governor  
Republic of Dahomey Autonomous
4 December 1958 to 1 August 1960 René Tirant, High Commissioner  
1 August 1960 Independence as Republic of Dahomey

For continuation after independence, see: Heads of State of Benin


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