Examination Day

Examination Day

Infobox Television episode
Title = Examination Day
Series = The Twilight Zone

Caption = Scene from "Examination Day"
Season = 1
Episode = 6, Segment 1
Airdate = November 1, 1985
Production =
Writer = Philip DeGuere
(Based on the short story "Examination Day", by Henry Slesar. The story was first published in Playboy (February, 1958).
Director = Paul Lynch
Guests = David Mendenhall : Dickie Jordon
Christopher Allport : Richard Jordon
Elizabeth Norment : Ruth Jordon
Ed Krieger : Clerk #1
Myrna White : Clerk #2
Jeffrey Alan Chandler : Clerk #3
Episode list = List of Twilight Zone episodes
Prev = Ye Gods
Next = A Message From Charity

"Examination Day" is the first segment of the sixth episode from the television series "The New Twilight Zone".

Dickie Jordan is an intelligent and curious youth in the future. It is Dickie's 12th birthday, which means he is required by law to report to a government testing facility for a mandatory IQ test. As Dickie gleefully outlines for his parents how he was told by an older friend that the test is easy and how he will pass it, his parents react stressfully and avoid his questions. The Jordans give Dickie his present, two years earlier than he thought he'd be able to get it, and then they bring him to the facility and go back home to wait anxiously for the test results.

When Dickie arrives at the testing facility, he is given a medicine which the examiner says will ensure he tells the truth. Dickie is then given a series of tests, and appears to be doing very well. After his parents have anxiously awaited the test results at home for hours, they are contacted by the government — Dickie's test results are in. Sadly, he has been judged as being too intelligent, exceeding the legal limit; the government examiners ask the Jordans how they would like Dickie's remains to be handled, and the parents burst into tears.

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