Communications in Barbados

Communications in Barbados

This article discusses facts regarding communications in Barbados.


; Telephones - main lines in use:: 90,000 (1994) - 135,700 (2004); Telephones - mobile cellular:: 4,614 (1994) - 135,700 (2004); Telephone system::* general assessment: NA:* domestic: island-wide automatic telephone system:* international:::* country code - +1-(246);::* Satellite earth stations - 1 (Intelsat -- (Atlantic Ocean); with tropospheric scatter to Trinidad and Saint Lucia).; Mobile providers:::* "Current": Cable & Wireless(bmobile), Digicel, Sunbeach::* "Defunct": "Cingular Wireless(divested to Digicel)"


; Radio broadcast stations:: AM 2, FM 3, shortwave 0 (1998) - AM 2, FM 6, shortwave 0 (2004) - AM 2, FM 6+, shortwave 0 (2006)::*(Gospel 790AM, CBC 900AM)::*(BBS 90.7FM, VOB 92.9FM, HOTT 95.3FM, Mix 96.9FM, The One 98.1FM, WE 99.9FM(SVG), Q 100.7FM, Faith 102.1FM, Love 104.1FM, Radio GED 106.1 FM); Radios:: 237,000 (1997); Television broadcast stations:: 1 (plus two cable channels) (2004)::* C.B.C. TV8; Televisions:: 76,000 (1997)


; Internet Service Providers (ISPs):"': 3+ (1999): (CariAccess, Cable & Wireless(CaribSurf), TeleBarbados/, Sunbeach Communications); Internet country code:: .BB; Internet hosts:: 241 (2005); Internet users:: 150,000 (2005)

Broadband Internet access

Globally, the country of Barbados was ranked by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and UNICEF to be one of the most wired countries in the world on a per capita basis. The report entitled "State Of The World's Children 2007" stated Barbados had rate of Internet usage which was 55 users for every 100 people. This ranking meant that only 13 nations: Australia, Canada, Finland, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, San Marino, Singapore, Sweden, Britain and the United States had a higher ratios per head of population. In so scoring this placed Barbados in the lead for the Caribbean and Latin America regions. For telephone service for the period 2000-2004, Barbados had 124 telephones in usage for every 100 people. [ Barbados 'well wired'] - Thursday, 27 December, 2006: Barbados Daily Nation Newspaper

Telephone services in Barbados are provided by: Cable and Wireless ("Incumbent"), Digicel, Sunbeach, WIISCOM,Internet services in the country are provided by: CariAccess, CaribSurf, Sunbeach Communications, TeleBarbados/

ADSL services are widely available, as are Frame Relay and other more advanced services.


*factbook (2000, 2004 and 2006).

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* [ Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development] - of Barbados (Development division)
** [] - Government of Barbados' Telecommunications unit
*Recently country ranked by the ITU as one of the most wired nations(per capita) -- [ Barbados 'well wired'] - Thursday, 27 December, 2006

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