List of Libyans

List of Libyans

A list of noteworthy people from Libya sorted by occupation.


* Ali Omar Ermes: (born 1945) Libyan born globally renowned artist.
* Farah Abushwesha: Award winning filmmaker of Libyan and Irish decent.

Business People

*Hassan Tatanaki - Chairman and managing director of oil company, Challenger Limited.
*Husni Bey - Chairman of HB Group.

Educators and Teachers

*Zuhra Ramdan Agha Al-Awji
*Mohammed Shegewi (died 2007)

Extrajudicial prisoners of the United States

*Abdel Hamid Ibn Abdussalem Ibn Mifta Al Ghazzawi
*Omar Khalifa Mohammed Abu Bakr
*Muhammad Abd Allah Mansur Al Futuri
*Abdul Rauf Omar Mohammed Abu Al Qusin
*Omar Deghayes
*Abu Yahia al-Libi
*Salem Abdul Salem Ghereby
*Ashraf Salim Abd Al Salam Sultan
*Ibrahim Mahdy Achmed Zeidan


*Ayesha Qaddafi
*Kamel Maghur:(1935–2002) Lawyer.
*Salam Tekbali:


*Ibn al-Ajdaabi


*Ahmed Fakroun: Libyan singer, composer and producer.
*Hamid El Shari: (born 1961) Libyan singer, composer and producer.
*Nasser el-Mizdawi: (born 1950) Libyan singer, guitarist and composer.
*Ayman El Aatar: (born 1982) Libyan singer.
*Kazem Nadeem: (1912-2006) Libyan Singer
*Fathi Kahloul: (born 1952) Libyan composer and actor
*Abdullah Al-Aswad: (born 1960) Libyan singer
*Ali Gabroun: (born 1944) Libyan singer
*Salam Qadri: (born 1935) Libyan composer and singer
*Lutfi Al-Arif: (born 1954) Libyan Singer


*al-Jilani Traibshan: (1944–2001) Libyan poet
*Rafiq al-Mahdawi: (1898–1961) Libyan poet.
*Ibaraheem Abo-Mostafa:
*Saiied Gadhaf Al-dam
*Rjab Bu Hwesh
*Ahmed Alsharef
*Ali Tekbali: (born 1952) Libyan poet laureate and writer (English and Arabic)
*Ali Sudqi Abdelqader: (1912-2008) Libyan Poet


List of Libyan politicians by position:

Foreign Ministers

*Abdul Ati al-Obeidi - Foreign minister
*Wahbi al-Bouri - Foreign minister
*Abdul Salam al-Buseiri - Foreign minister
*Mohieddin Fikini - Foreign minister
*Abdul Majid Kubar - Foreign minister
*Hussein Maziq - Foreign minister
*Mahmud al-Muntasir - Foreign minister
*Umar Mustafa al-Muntasir- Foreign minister
*Wanis al-Qaddafi - Foreign minister
*Muhammad Sakizli - Foreign minister
*Abdel Rahman Shalgham - Foreign minister
*Jadallah Azzuz at-Talhi - Foreign minister
*Ali Triki - Foreign minister

Prime Ministers

*Abdul Ati al-Obeidi
*Abdul Qadir al-Badri: Prime minister of Libya from July 2, 1967 to October 25, 1967.
*Abdul Hamid al-Bakkoush
*Mustafa Ben Halim
*Abuzed Omar Dorda
*Mohieddin Fikini
*Abdessalam Jalloud
*Abdul Majid Kubar
*Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi
*Baghdadi Mahmudi
*Hussein Maziq
*Muhammad Ahmad al-Mangoush
*Mahmud al-Muntasir
*Umar Mustafa al-Muntasir
*Abdul Majid al-Qa′ud
*Wanis al-Qaddafi
*Muhammad az-Zaruq Rajab
*Muhammad Osman Said
*Muhammad Sakizli
*Embarek shamekh
*Imbarek Shamekh
*Jadallah Azzuz at-Talhi

Religious Figures

*Abd As-Salam Al-Asmar
*Simon of Cyrene

Resistance Leaders

*Sulaiman al-Barouni:(1872–1940), resistance leader against Italian colonization.
*Omar al-Mukhtar: (1862–1931), Libyan hero and resistance leader under Al-Shareef Ahamad Al-Zwai against Italian colonization.
*Abd al-Nabi Bilkhair:Head of the Wirfala Tribe and resistance leader during Italian colonization.
*Ramadan al-Swehli: (c. 1880 – 1930), resistance leader against Italian colonization.
*Omar Shegewi: (died 1928) resistance leader during the Italian colonization.


*Fawzia bint Tahir Bakeer: Mother of Muhammad as-Senussi
*Hasan as Senussi
*Muhammad as-Senussi: (born 1962)
*Sayyid Muhammad al-Rida as-Senussi
*Imbaraika al-Fallatiyya
*Idris I of Libya: King of Libya (1951 to 1969) and the Chief of the Senussi Muslim order.
*Sayyid Ahmad as-Sharif bin Sayyid Muhammad as-Sharif as-Senussi
*Sayyid Muhammad bin 'Ali as-Senussi
*Sayyid Hasan ar-Rida al-Mahdi as-Sanussi
*Aisha bint Ahmad al-Syrte: Mother of Idris I of Libya


*Moammar al-Qadhafi: (born 1942), Libyan leader (1969- ).
*Idris I of Libya: (1890–1983), King of Libya (1951-1969).
*Ahmed Karamanli: (1686–1745), Pasha (ruler) of Tripolitania (1711–1745).
*Yusuf Karamanli: (died 1838), Pasha (ruler) of Tripolitania (1795–1832).
*Shoshenq I: Libyan king of Egypt (c. 945 – c. 924 BCE) and founder of the Twenty-second Egyptian dynasty.
*Septimius Severus: (146–211) Roman Emperor (193–211), born in Libya.
*Battaros: legendary Libyan king.
*Zentani Muhammad az-Zentani

Scientists and Mathematicians

*Eratosthenes: (276 BC – 194 BC), Hellenistic mathematician, geographer and astronomer, born in Libya.
*Ali Tekbali: (born 1952), Geologist and Poet Laureate.
*Omar Mohammed Shegewi: (1952 - 1993), Petroleum Geologist



*Suleiman Ali Nashnush: (died 1991)


*Samir Aboud
*Osama Al Hamady
*Muhammed Alsnany
*Akram Ayyad
*Ahmed Ben Sawed
*Mansour Al Borki
*Ehab Al Bousefi
*Omar Daoud
*Luis de Agustini
*Ahmed Faraj El Masli
*Tarik El Taib
*Meftah Ghazalla
*Khaled Hussein
*Abdesalam Kames
*Nader Kara
*Abdusalam Khames
*Mohmoud Maklouf Shafter
*Waled Mhadeb
*Mohammed Mouldi
*Rabe Al Msellati
*Jehad Muntasser
*Arafa Nakuaa
*Walid Ali Osman
*Al-Saadi Qadhafi
*Ali Rahuma
*Mahmoud Tekbali:(born 1935) Goal Keeper; Qowmee Club (1952-1944), Madina Club (1954-1959 and 1963-1965), Bel Khayr Club (1959-1963), Najma Club (1960-1963)
*Marei Al Ramly
*Salem Ibrahim Al Rewani
*Alejandro Ruben
*Musbah Saad
*Hesham Shaban
*Younes Al Shibani
*Naji Shushan
*Abdulnaser Slil
*Reda Al Tawrghe
*Mohamed Zubya
*Ahmed Mahmoud Zuway


*Hassan Shegewi


*Ibrahim Al-Koni: (born 1948).
*Hisham Matar: (born 1970)
*Sadiq Neihoum: (1937–1994)
*Khalifa al-Tilisi: (born 1930).
*Ahmed Fagih: (born 1942), Writer of novels , short stories, plays, and essays.
*Abdullah Ali Algazal: novel, short stories writer
*Daif Al-Ghazal: (1976–2005) Writer and journalist who was murdered in 2005
*Saddeka Arebi: (died 2007) Author and anthropologist.
*Khalifa Tekbali: (1938-1966), Libyan Poet and Revolutionary

Film Makers

*Farah Abushwesha
*Don Coscarelli: Horror film director.
*Sufyan Omeish and Abdallah Omeish: Occupation 101 (documentary)


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